Mini Newsletter October 1 2013-October 14 2013

Tempers are high and many feel up and down, way up, way down, and anywhere in between, in any given hour.  Where are you in all this drama and what is it you are reacting to?  Many might feel that their life is on an inexplicable twist and turn obstacle course, whose conditions are beyond control. Between Tuesday and Thursday you might feel like some nameless energy is pulling your strings, and that you are fated to play out a series of actions and reactions that defy meaning or purpose. By Friday there may be a lot of reversals. The dark of the Moon (before Friday) will bring many to experience that cliché of “its always darkest before the dawn” — but the dawn doesn’t seem to come. Look at how you are seeing things on Friday Oct 4 at 5:34PM PST.

Its going to take time to identify and make a new relationship between the two parts of any pair that are adversarial. This conflict can be experienced within oneself, in a relationship with another, or with a financial challenge. Take a break over the weekend and have your favorite dessert; try to relax from any sense of over-amped anxiety and/or paranoia. The New Moon will bring a challenge for the next six months around patterns that are either dead or anti-progressive to the desired life you want to lead. Many ideas, people, and aspects of your life are acting as agents of the third hand of Fate. Try to hold both extremes as one.

This is a good time to identify who or what you fear is holding you hostage and then set about tolerating that alien intruder without reacting. The control it takes to not react will end up being your ticket out of whatever dilemma you are experiencing, in about six months from now.

There might be machine malfunctions or some airline mishap or volatility in the electromagnetic field. Watch out for accidents and people who are obsessed with one point of view. Many who are fixated will take center stage.

Dark or melancholic thinking may hinder you on October 8. By the end of the week, love and romance may seem like a momentary distraction between the October 10 and 12th. Spending money or energy on a fantasy is only confusing. This is a good time to seek peace within or in nature. Try the organic, not romantic, route. The President might chastise some group by the end of next week.

Libra and Libra rising is having a new beginning in their inner or relationship life. Things might lighten up for a minute around Oct 7.  Libra needs to celebrate what they love. The rest of us need to love more.


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