If everything’s connected, then hopefully some synchronicity will apply soon. Take for example the Thai soccer team being stuck in that cave. After an interminable period and the tragic death of a diver, the boys and the coach were rescued and made it to safety. The boys’ coach had previously trained as a monk and taught the kids how to meditate. It is meditation that powered the spiritual rescue, together with the actual technical aspects of the rescue mission.

Mr. President Trump is on his trip throughout the world, with his NATO and Putin mission, making all sorts of jabs about our Allies, imposing new tariff regulations, and flaunting his Supreme Court nominee. The recent inquiry into the FBI agent Strzok played like a scene in the Godfather. Mr. President Trump is not draining the swamp but running it while we are stuck in the cave. No apparent rescue is on the horizon.

Throwing up hands in frustration, shaking our heads because nothing can stop him; where is the Defining Moment? Astrology, cosmology, the gods, the Democrats and the voters seem impotent. Godzilla-like, Mr. President Trump stomps on all impediments, trashing everything.

There’s Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and then there’s the Thai cave. Instead of shadows we have the shadow acting out our darkest fears, spreading enmity wherever it goes with whatever it touches. The more hands are wrung, the more power it has. We are those kids, stuck in the cave unwittingly as the waters rise.  The coach would say stay calm and meditate. The jeopardy is about to rise higher.

The synchronicity of the Thai cave is a good sign. Maybe Mueller and his team can make it through the dregs of the swamp and get us out of there. The energies are building to a denouement. The catastrophe of what has happened is about to be clearer. We are inching closer to an oligarchy as democracy ebbs away. The upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27, on the heels of the Solar Eclipse Full Moon this past July 12, brings an aggressive and surprising attack-like energy. Mars, retrograde in Aquarius with the South Node, makes downturns of the past repeat in a weirdly accelerated way. We wake up one morning and suddenly everything’s different.

Can Mueller and his deep-sea divers get to us in time, before they are relegated to irrelevance? In the past words of the current Supreme Court nominee, a sitting President should be exempt from any criminal indictment. Was this nominee picked as a hedge for Trump with Mueller?

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon (exact on July 27) will blow something out of the water, five days before, after or during the Eclipse. What comes is unpredictable and surprising. Could it be an indictment? The proclamation that our country is now a kingdom? The disappearance of what we know as our government, now subsumed by something darker? Or the final escape from the cave and from our worst fears and nightmares?

Take the cue from the coach and the soccer team; stay calm in the face of despondency. Meditate for peace and for patience. It will all come out in the wash.

In individual astrology, the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings something unexpected for each of us. That thing you haven’t dealt with, the friend/family member that suddenly comes out of the woodwork, or the random anxiety you keep having all night could rear its ugly head. This period promises rage and the uprising of a group united by purpose. The period of May through the end of June will come back in some form. The progress you made then is going backwards and will cause a reaction. This period affects each of us with something failing, falling apart or not functioning. This is especially applicable if you are Aquarius or Aries; you might feel the burn of something volatile, disruptive and angry.

Mercury goes retrograde on July 25th-August 18th, which is close to the retrograde degree of Mars in late June. The anger that has been building is about to blow in mid-August, and it will get ticked off by events that happen between July 12 through the end of August. You do not want to get embroiled in an extended or arduous legal battle now, or any sort of wrangling or negotiation. It won’t turn out well. This period can be grueling for writers and researchers, as anything you do will be subject to questions, rewrites or extreme editing. Creative fields of television, advertising and technology will suffer some backlash.

Jupiter going direct on July 11 makes a trine aspect to Neptune through the third week of August. This brings more empathy and compassion for those who are suffering. This aspect brings an intensification of feelings that are spiritual, sympathetic and want to extend help. A good thing to do now is to say yes to anyone who asks for your help, no matter what their motivation. This period will be judged by the consciousness that accompanies any action. Let the two align, and you will bring some light into your cave that will in turn light a thousand more.




ARIES, your ruler is going backwards in Aquarius. You might feel that what you’ve been doing since May is regressing or going sideways. The friendship, group or idealistic themes you have been struggling to negotiate get angrier and more agitated. You might want to go underground until it’s over. This head-shy part of you is not your best self.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings forth an issue or a person from the past that is unpredictable and chaotic. Your money house might shiver. The psychic burnout you are feeling won’t recover until Fall. Drink a cool beverage and control yourself. Driving, cars and martial men make you a little crazy. Any continuing theme of an emotional or financial issue en famille blows up into a thousand pieces. Keep it together.


TAURUS has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon traveling with Mars, all of which square your Sun. Pay attention to the actions you take, as you will tend to take actions that don’t end up being too constructive. This impulsive and ill-considered time might provoke a reaction to a family or home condition. A sudden chaotic or unprepared-for situation that has been a long time in the making might activate.

You are facing 7 years of change. It’s not necessarily hard labor. Start the clock ticking now and go through your wardrobe, desk, memory box and clear out the clutter. Things get up and go without warning if you are not ahead of the curve. This applies to people too. Look around and make peace with those who provoke you. The way you speak to them, and to yourself, forms the context for your future. Don’t hang onto anything that you feel you can never live without. Attach, detach.


GEMINI has the Lunar Eclipse New Moon in your house of higher knowledge. If you have been angling back and forth since May around a trip or an educational pursuit, this period brings out any conflict. You can take action and travel, yet you might experience an unexpected disruption that comes as a surprise. Love and affection take on a different tone when you are more easy-going about what others think. A friend can be negative about your beloved or their connection with you.

Money and earning power is an issue; you might get tweaked by some past spending decision that has not worked out well. The time spent dredging up the past is gone; look to the future and plan a new tact with money, money management and self-esteem. Frustration that has been building since May will erupt before, during, or after the Eclipse. Allow the emotion to come to a head and froth, spill over and then be gone.


CANCER, you have the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon igniting a fire within. The combined issues of money, power, security and life-and-death combine to present a sense of feeling forced, positioned or exploited. Your past experience of feeling used (emotionally) does not go quietly into the night. Resist retaliating with an emotional free-fall. Agitation expressed with a boss or authority will not work out. You can sidestep the provocation that has been building since May and stay patient and occupied.

The empathy of Cancer often loses its boundaries and gives away the candy, the store, and the lease. You can correct this aspect and restructure your boundaries without snapping everything back to a prison-like death-hold. The correction that has been in play for most of this year around identity, health, profession and psyche will stabilize in September. Something or someone is leaving your life; make peace with the wound so healing can commence.


LEO has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of partnership. This time you got caught up in something, and someone attacked or challenged your integrity.  Don’t take this as an invitation to a duel. Kindly step away from the ring and hold to your inner expectations about peace and innocence. This period could bring an eruption that becomes volatile and creates a lot of chaos.

Your pride and constancy will be rekindled. Don’t try to talk anyone back into being your friend. A need for emotional intimacy and integrity wants to win, but the demand for it will get you into trouble. Try to keep any inner fear or secrets secret. You are the lion that is roaming the forest. It’s your home, your castle and your inheritance. You are the king of your domain; act like a king or queen naturally and assume the proffered mantle of authority.


VIRGO has the dance of the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of work and health. Something goes pop and over-reacts or goes out of control. Since the end of June, you might have felt you were on a rollercoaster going nowhere. Be calm and don’t give into anger or depression leveled at the Self. Some ideal or dream seems like it’s going backwards. There might be a good surprise in the store for you.

The regressive feelings and memories you currently have about being ignored or feeling overlooked or undervalued need to be addressed and resolved. The work world is too demanding and a little bit backward/unproductive. You can make a difference. Let the old attitudes that bring you down go; they aren’t helping you or doing any good for anyone. Your mission of service can bring a miracle. Animals and nature are a welcome retreat and benefit to balance all the angst.  


LIBRA has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the house of love. Your need to go back and forth with a person that has let you down is startling. You might be angry at one person while fielding upsetting, indirect and ambiguous moments with another. The ups and downs of a relationship is disturbing you since the end of June. An unresponsive friend is sending confused and mixed messages. Is it love, support or avoidance?

Saturn makes you want to correct something from 7 years ago that has gone wrong. The home/family/office is in a quandary; who can you trust? These questions are searing into your mind a series of feelings and sequences that you cannot comprehend. The career/public episode that has recently passed is not completely over. Hang tough and stick with your boundaries. You are about to get a career inspiration, so don’t feel you are all alone on a lonely boat floating into eternity. You’re half right about most of it and you’re about to see the light of the other half.


SCORPIO has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of the home. The family and/or your homestead has taken a step forward. The back and forth of Mars since late June, however, makes you anxious about the true intentions of your partner, agent or representative. The self-doubt, questioning and double thinking of your actions can keep you up at night. Try to relax and let the right things happen, especially with cash and credit. Do not take regressive swipes at others.

Mars anchors something changeable in the work/heath sector. You can tell what is going on internally by how you are feeling. Jupiter is finishing its transit in Scorpio between now and November. You have seeded a bunch of trees this year; watch how the garden grows in the next 11 years. Your thinking pattern, which usually walks on the wild side, is about to be electrified into a new light that helps the last four years make more sense. Your love/romance sector and travel with the beloved allow you to fly away into a silver lining. Don’t escape reality, and don’t be in a hurry to pinch yourself awake from the present dream of life. You are at one with your heart now. Enjoy it alone.


SAGITTARIUS has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the house of short trips and the long game. Your plans changed recently and you are thinking about the future — and how you want it to go in a different direction from where it is now pointing. Whether you are with a partner or not, that feeling of aloneness is real. The inner-self has an editing process going on that wants to soothe the hidden hurt. At work you want to please, at home you want to escape.

Your emotional self is focused on potential endings and beginnings. Human lives and their downturns sometimes seem like a tragedy and a comedy, yet they both are vibrating crazily around you. Any newly awakened compassion is surprising you at every turn. The life lesson of love will be your constant companion for the next cycle. Pride is not so helpful now. Make peace with whatever has been interrupting your existence. Moving into the purity of heart from a chamber of darkness makes true forgiveness and freedom possible.


CAPRICORN has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of earning. The agitation you might feel around money/funding issues has increased over the last 6 months and now is at a turning point. What to do? The self-esteem connection cannot be ignored. You might feel stuck in a pattern that won’t give, no matter what you do. Saturn looks back over the last 13-14 years and 27-28 years. During that time, what decisions were made around limitation that were self-created?

The Node requires you evolve an altogether new attitude around self-worth. Uranus assists you in the next 7 years — especially if you can be innovative, original, a little eccentric, and going where no goat has gone before. The current slowdown in your life revolves around the potential of a new set of values you can live by and by being able to let what doesn’t serve you go. The partner is going through ups and downs; try to be patient with them, yet do not lose yourself with anyone or anything now. Career might finalize an option that has been ambiguous for the last few years. Stay consistent in integrity. The partner’s long-shot could strike gold.


AQUARIUS has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on you. Whatever has been in the background for the last six months comes forward and makes a big explosion or ends with a whimper. The volatility and drama of what you’re dealing with is unmistakable and compelling. It represents a place where angels fear to tread. Choose carefully in negotiation, in work, and with the signals you give off. You are at a turning point that represents a change in your professional identity, which will affect how you use and value your gifts. Uranus is unpredictable, and nothing (no matter how ironclad it seems) is a sure thing.

You need to see what is over-stimulating you and why it is so frustrating. Your experience of Mars in retrograde requires you to be thoughtful and not reactive. Take the time to be stabile with everything in your world. Do not let impulse rule. The secret life you’ve been living will come full circle in about six months.


PISCES has the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your 12th house. Some secret or hidden surprise waits for you. The emotional issue revolves around passion with children, creativity and romance. Drama and excitement that is uncontainable or difficult to perceive might throw you off your groove. You could be offered something on a silver platter that could rock your world or disrupt it chaotically.

Sleep might be erratic. Any repressed issue of anger or hurt feelings can cause excitement and might be undoing the flow of your energy. The offending issue might focus on money and how you feel you are at its beck and call. The true challenge centers on self-esteem. The love/children perspective brings something from out of nowhere that is intense and all-consuming. Recognize that learning comes in many forms and that awareness can be consistent in your actions. Try to not act against your own interests now, no matter what is demanded. Your undercover excursion brings a treasure – if you can take the cue from your dreams. Fear and anger are strange companions. Make the most of what is offered only if it suits your best interests.


Tanda Tashjian

July 14, 2018



Astrology Mini Newsletter, July 1 – July 15, 2018

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 12 promises to be stealthy, covert and powerful. This lunation is with Pluto, which rules governmental agencies, hidden control, thugs, violence, destruction and power grabs as well as healing, transformation and massive change involving endings. Any (or all) of the above may be acted out in the next few weeks and the next six months.

Eclipses are said to indicate the rise and fall of empires. What will this Eclipse bring? In Cancer, and with the planet Pluto, the Eclipse promises to be intense; there could be a blow by (or to)  a power source, a governmental agency, a financial institution, the set of rules and regulations that guard the safety of the populace, or actions by a hidden cabal. This period will bring something or someone down, irrevocably. The Markets are set to react, and our international allies are set to bolt. We are alienating our friends and seducing -and being seduced by- our enemies. The FBI (a covert agency in itself) is discredited, and the country doubts the security of what our freedoms are founded upon. The two-party system is about to go down, but not before a weird kind of totalitarianism prevails.

For the individual, you might watch (with mouth open) a series of fast moving actions that limit the quality of life as we have known it. Add to this a group of politicians frozen in action, while a judicial group sits back and lets candy get taken from the candy store.

The New Moon chart underscores the grand trine of the Sun and Moon with Jupiter and Neptune. Along with all the evils of the world comes the hope to channel to a more cosmic view. Love, forgiveness and compassion come as alternatives to rage. The enmity of Mars retrograde in Aquarius, through August 27, might activate what has gone dormant since May. Accidents, sudden violence and explosions could become the news of the day. The agitation and brutality of Mars and Uranus will continue from the end of July until the end of September. This Eclipse might not leave us where it finds us. Something might change and be hard to get back on track. More random violence could act out in unpredictable ways.

Mercury goes retrograde July 25, at 23 degrees of Leo. The shadow of Mercury retrograde starts affecting us by July 8. Revisit old contracts and agreements and make corrections. From June 26- August 27 with Mars retrograde, do not buy any cars or have any expensive machine or repairs done, as they will end up costing more and probably not being all that relevant or effective. With Mars retrograde, cars bought during June 26 – August 27 might turn out to be lemons. That weird sense of tiredness and apathy is also due to Mars. Nothing seems to get done or go forward.

A singular act of violence or a surprise event could start out small and end up big. This event will be perceived in the future as the catalyst to searching for the long and arduous route back home. We will look around one morning and consider how things could have gotten so off track. This could start with an infraction involving a governmental agency set up to protect and defend — and end with a revolt.

Banks and money will see-saw; what happens through this Eclipse portends an overall effect on the economy that will ripple out to world economies and reshape the world in 2019-21.

Individuals doing anything in a grey area might worry about getting caught up with legalities or tax problems. The Empire will slowly become more vociferous in collecting, as the populace has to work harder, having less time to question and protest.

Love and sex will become a magnet for pressure. If you feel pressured, you might find yourself seeking the Tinder button and/or want to fall desperately in love as a way to distract yourself from what is becoming a loveless world. Remember the spiritual versus material duality that is in force. Now is the set-up for a religious war that will come in a century, before the planet goes down the road of an Inquisition. This period, believe it or not, will be seen as the end of a Golden Age that had its high note in the 90’s. Not so far ahead, anyone who subscribes to an “us versus them” rigidity will break out in more violence and cultism. After all, we are in a thrall with the cult of Trump. How one little group could bring down so much will be marveled about in the next century, along with revisiting The American Revolution, part 1. We are currently in pre-production for part 2.  



ARIES has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in the house of your home. Some threat or power grab is threatening your peace at the office or at home. The family unit is about to change when the ending of a cycle brings a polarization of deep feelings. Whatever is happening at this time awakens an old wound around loss and endings. Your martial self is impatient for this time to be over, but it’s not over until it’s over. Anger is the emotion of the liver; balance any anger and liver chi, now. Mars makes projects seem to go backward; don’t fight, and don’t force anything.

The healing part requires that you utilize innovative and progressive measures to help yourself and those around you. You are at the end of a process from the last 7 years. The unpredictability of life is getting to you. Friends or a group will disband and reunite. Spend time with who you want, but don’t get upset with your community about gossip or disapproval. You are bringing a new way of thinking and acting to your peer group. Try diplomacy. And don’t glare at anyone for too long.   


TAURUS has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of mind. The power grab or manipulation of a sibling or neighbor could wreak some havoc in your world. You or a partner might have someone who is acting erratically and needs more attention. Help the partner by making everyone feel safe. This period will point to the need to make an important future decision involving cash flow. Venus in Leo/Virgo morphs fiery love to a love involving more service. And service is the highest honor. Be big even if everyone wants more from you.

Mars retrograde squares your Sun. Any anger you felt in May returns. This anger has to do with some hidden or secret feelings you have and can bring an outpouring of expression about the home, the family or a foundation. In a more concrete way, some building foundation might be erratic or need repair. Money is a consideration so remember to think before you leap. When exercising, watch overdoing and strain. Overheating with your body (or when driving) requires balance.  Drink ice water this month and practice peace with those who are all stirred up.


GEMINI has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of money. Some surprise bill or change with your earnings and resources will come up. You must take time to plug the dam if your finances are a little stretched or lessened. It might be time for a new bookkeeper. You can resolve to rebalance what has gone off track and deal with the underlying emotion of it all.

Mars retrograde makes your friends or colleagues a little confused with their communications and decisions. You can have a higher awareness by evolving a new philosophy to deal with dysfunction and fear. This period is unpredictable; you might go on a trip that turns out differently than expected. Harmonize with your emotions and don’t be blindsided by something you have unwittingly set in motion. Your transformation comes when you understand your psychology and any underlying or unconscious motivation. Purify body, mind and spirit. This period brings a lesson in patience with the self. Rather than huff and puff, and blow the house down, take the time to love and respect the self.


CANCER has the Solar Eclipse New Moon on your Sun. There is a new beginning on the horizon that is the result of an exit. What has become outmoded or has passed is coming back in a new form. Changing your attitude with someone/something that has been an obstacle will have an immediate effect.  This death/transformation with a partner/client has a powerhouse effect which propels you forward. The energy you have forgotten about returns, renewed. Dealing with the result of unconsciousness in partnership is its own correction.

Mars retrograde makes your inheritance and big money house heavy with a bill, tax or unexpected money situation. Betting on the money-ball doesn’t work; you must recalibrate a career decision and your relationship to authority and cash flow. This period benefits from innovation and originality. You are free, and you need to relate differently to what’s inside. The lesson of Saturn brings you face to face with an aspect of yourself that has been repressed and denied. Shed the unproductive behavior of the last 14 years and come up with a plan for the next 14 years. You can still turn the beat around.


LEO has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your 12th house. Any undoing at this time is the result of something you have kept secret even from yourself. Your hidden feelings or any self-destructive behavior might be exposed, and perhaps weaken you. Fate is in your fate house and you cannot escape the consequence of some heavy issue with power or the challenge of how to end a cycle that is completely over. Your home or office needs purification. That panicky feeling of being backed into a corner is not going away so fast.

Mars retrograde against your Sun, with Uranus squaring early Leos, can bring unexpected reactions from others. You must watch your step now and make every decision count. Let a philosophical higher path guide you. You are in the midst of changing your approach to work and everyday routine. The sadness or remorse you feel is genuine, yet you must keep moving forward. The money/ energy pit that you are on the verge of changing becomes stronger when you plant the garden with new seeds. Your love life is quirky, super emotional and faltering. Don’t create drama where there needs to be serenity.


VIRGO has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, which will activate your friendship house. Some unusual situation could empty out any professional or personal connections that are no longer functional. Deep feelings of neediness or dependency can be healed through time and self-application. Your confidence might dissolve. Try to believe in yourself and you will overcome any obstacle that is real or created. Business has two lives right now. You are a beginner and a virtuoso. Be true to each role.

Mars retrograde brings change or unexpected chaos in work and health matters. You must stick to your routine no matter how crazy your workplace seems. Money and debt can feel overwhelming; your creative regimen can expand with a new project that will nourish and assist you to overcome panic. Your illusions about relationship are fading. Someone’s not who you thought they were. Try to be conscious of what you are running from.   


LIBRA has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of career. The pressure of a dense vibration that is circulating around you is intense. This period brings a choice about a life-and-death issue around power, authority and your emotional life — in terms of how it might deplete you. A person of authority who has pressured you can now be faced with diplomacy and acceptance. You can stand your ground and not be steamrolled anymore. If something weakens a parent’s or family member’s heath, or your public persona, realize it is a product of fate and what matters is how you respond.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius makes the partner or client fight themselves. Your surprise and a recent disruption supports your ability to move into a whole new relationship with partners, children and love. Romance and creative experience can become a good thing in the future. This period awakens personal empowerment when you are true to yourself and to your wellbeing. You are able to move past this period, after your birthday, with more confidence and joy. Children might be fighting with a friend or getting more involved in a project that will start to pay off this Fall.


SCORPIO has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of travel and the future. If something threatens your serenity or sobriety and it seems to be out of your hands, master your fear and do not give into self-paralysis. The emotional body has taken a lot of hits, recently. The memory of the past, and how it was innocent and free, haunts you. Now you must take on the future and let go of everything else. Some love or cherished dream is gone and now it’s time for the next thing.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius squares your Sun. This aspect, together with Uranus, pushes you into making changes that you’d rather not make — or not make so fast.  Watch for waves of emotion that come unbidden. Some partner or relationship has gone, with no explanation. You can recover from any loss by going within, to the Plutonic strength that you’ve had since childhood. Don’t stub your toe as a result of not paying attention. Let the unpredictability of your life lead you into a new journey that will heal and regenerate what seems so lost and gone.


SAGITTARIUS has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of big money, debt and inheritance. If you feel up against a wall, and you’re hitting the end of your patience around an irrational fear of something going sideways, check in with your dreams. Any fear that is hidden or not conscious might come up inadvertently through stressors that pop up out of nowhere. These fears might be about loss of control. You can bring a sense of mastery when you deal with the more difficult feelings, and free yourself from them. Emotional improvement brings a sense of self-esteem that will erase your hesitation to commit to some plan about travel or a new job. Money is still a problem and needs to free up the flow of your energy.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius, in the house of the mind, creates and internal back-and-forth debate about trying something different. Changing up your routine in work or personal life can be challenging but can head off any obsessive tendency. Health depends on peace, and you can find and deepen your peace through love in action. The theme you need to focus on is how to be free when you feel so bound by a job, obligation and money when you have so many inner and outer demands .You frequently just want to take a walk to the corner and not come back. Stay centered, no matter what is calling you.


CAPRICORN has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of marriage and partnership. You are having a turning point with a mate, partner or client that focuses on feelings/compulsions that are hard to comprehend. You might feel emotionally positioned to do or agree to something that you might not understand the implications of. Do not give in to anything you don’t want or don’t understand — even though you might feel you are under some spell. Pluto and Saturn, with the Moon aspects, offer the opportunity to get something right since 2008 when it went so wrong. The remorse and discouragement of that time still smarts.

Mars retrograde in your money house makes unseen/unanticipated expenses and losses with money a possibility from the end of August to the middle of November. Your home or family life is a little stirred up from too much action or agitation — or even from your appliances burning out. It seems like you are on a treadmill with the same lesson over and over. Saturn goes forward after the beginning of September. Any heaviness you are feeling will become more straightforward and manageable. Walk the line for the time being.


AQUARIUS has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of work and the unconscious. Any extremes of energy you are focusing on regarding your work/health life is building to more pressure. Your decision about some career or personal opportunity seem like a once in lifetime opportunity, carrying a feeling of now or never. A compelling emotion can back you into a corner, so make sure you know what you are getting into. Career is about to change because of emotional needs.

Mars retrograde on your Sun can heat up any passion and then go nowhere. This impacts your mind and thought process. The anger and impatience you are operating from can provoke volatility and overreaction. Be neutral, more detached, and less personal with taking everything to heart. Uranus can make you feel like your home life is chaotic and needs a clean- up. A minor earthquake is going off in your world and you can’t stop it. Accept what is, as it is, and go on.


PISCES has the Solar Eclipse New Moon in your house of children and love. You are having a new beginning with children or romance and these interests are taking off. Try to not let a child or lover force your hand to do anything you might rethink later. Pluto makes friendships and group experience compelling and very real. Don’t let restriction daunt you. Creativity can soar when partnered with practicality.

Mars retrograde in your 12th house helps you see where you are your own worst enemy. This period of volatility and reactivity might involve money, and what you thought was there suddenly might not be. This period requires you to stick to a plan, even though you want might want to get away from it all. Research plans that you can act upon after the end of August. Things might continue to go backward until then; revisit and revise your strategy and don’t be in a hurry. Disruption is the mother of invention and new dreams.


Tanda Tashjian

June 29, 2018


Mini Astrology Newsletter, JUNE 15 – JULY 1, 2018

The planet Saturn is a stern taskmaster. When it aspects your chart, it asks you to deal with whatever circumstance it brings with an attitude of seriousness, maturity and self-responsibility. It can feel like the burden it brings is too heavy to carry, especially when it’s carried alone.

An individual chart is different from a country’s chart — but not necessarily that different. The two recent and unhappy suicides, of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, reflect a heavy Saturn influence that indicates just such a burden. The US chart will shortly have a similar series of aspects.

In Kate Spades’ chart, Saturn started the conjunction with her Sun in January 2018. Saturn goes back-and-forth on her Sun sign until September 2018, when it turns direct exactly. This aspect can affect a person with feelings of heaviness and pessimism. The root of these reactions stems from some unhappiness about the self or conditions in life. Often there is a feeling that nothing can change or that they don’t know what to change. It might be hard to imagine that someone with such opportunity and ability could feel bad, yet with Saturn you can feel stuck until the aspect passes.

Anthony Bourdain’s chart reflects a similarly hard Saturn aspect. Anthony’s Sun is transited by an opposition (180 degrees) aspect by Saturn. This aspect influences a person by bringing tests and challenges, usually most pointedly in relationships with others. The person might feel lost, alone and misunderstood, with a certain hopelessness about others and their connection.

Both charts show a strong Saturn influence which brings a questioning of one’s identity — who am I and where am I going and what am I doing? The harsh voice of self questioning around identity often reduces whatever you have built (in both cases something formidable) to almost nothing. There is usually some accompanying ending or closing of a cycle that started 13/14 years before, and/or 28-29 year before. The person usually feels some kind of personal failure and (depending on the other aspects in the chart) they can feel alone and not able to visualize a future. In more esoteric astrology, this period is often felt as a karmic influence with a correction involving any personal limitation. Sometimes it is also felt connected to a person or situation that seems impossible to resolve or insurmountable to face.

Tragically both people hurt themselves. Whatever their personal life circumstances, they both created something which gave a lot to the world. If they felt alone or misunderstood, it might have been the result of the weightiness of Saturn pressing down on them. This kind of aspect happens a few times in a person’s life and represents a testing of whatever foundation you have constructed. The intense sense of introspection and harsh criticism that is either leveled at you by another or levelled at you by yourself can seem draining and relentless. It’s best to remember that astrology describes a set of influences yet it does not compel you to act in any specific way. Everything is a decision. And it’s also important to remember that you can always reach out for help and guidance no matter what astrology is doing.

Both artists are gone. We can remember them for all they brought and have compassion for the part of them and ourselves that is tested in life for whatever reason. To build strength, to make corrections, to face some aspect of an inner and unhappy self and deal courageously with them, to address something left over from another time is challenging but completely possible.

The United States chart is similar and a little different. It shows a similar aspect of Saturn coming to challenge the country through some circumstance or Other. It’s different in that the Saturn aspect opposed the country’s Sun comes in the future (i.e. January 2019-September 2019) and turns direct exactly on the degree of the Sun. We are in for a test — a challenge that could start out as a practical/legal/governmental or financial complication and then spiral down.

Remember Saturn reflects the cumulative effect of decisions and actions from 13/14 years and 28/29 years ago. Perhaps we can look back and see what happened when.

The Full Moon on June 27 at 6 degrees of Capricorn is in exact alignment with Saturn. The culmination of something that has happened in the last 6 months will come to a head. This could be in the realm of banking, government or financial institutions. Whatever happens will activate on June 22, June 27 or July 1-2. Each of us might feel pinched in some way, financially or emotionally. The government seems to be setting up to fire Mueller or Rosenstein, or to diminish and shut down the investigation. Courting  a dictator seems to be a peculiar move, but will have a hand to play in the next few years to come.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12 portends something ominous or covert. We are in the preview of a Solar Eclipse which makes everyone more emotional and less rational, feeling opposed by something unnamed and possibly unknown. This Eclipse previews the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2019-2020 which will either bring the country down under a superpower or spark a revolution out of what happens next. Is our democracy about to morph back into an Empire, or the other way around? We are at a turning point where power needs to be utilized to affect change.

The current ADD group phenomena of iPhones, Oprah and cannabis, together with all too many new briefs, is too much for the brain to process — so it doesn’t. Worn out by the immediacy of technology, how can we concentrate on anything? We are a country paralyzed by its own creations, about to have a tough series of Saturn aspects and tests from another entity that will challenge our strength. Will we hurt ourselves out of a group feeling of apathy or act from strength?

Watch the next two months. Individually, each of us can take on Saturn in our life by building into it a kind of strength training. Most everyone is having something break down or not go right this month. The message of the time is to cultivate an endurance and a tolerance that can go the distance with whatever is threatening, within or without. Saturn brings correction in your life through conditions of emotional, mental or energetic paralysis, harshness or scarcity. Not a great option, and time is not on our side. Many have gone silent for too long.

Individually, whatever practice or process strengthens you is key. Yoga, martial arts, meditation, and even exercise. The trick is to do everything with consciousness and keep it moving. And make the connection between what is inner and outer. Maybe the country will follow, and Saturn will fortify and strengthen the weakness that could undo it if not confronted and addressed.

We are on a roller coaster that could veer out of control. The history repeats itself theme is obvious. Working the extremes of good/bad, light/dark produces a them-versus-us scenario that can morph into the tyranny of Saturn when used in an opportunistic way.

Sometimes people yearn for order so much that they will create and foment chaos. With Uranus now in Taurus and Mars in Aquarius, what we live through next will have the hand of Fate in it. Protest and the reshaping of what has been known as democracy could be brilliant and liberating, or cruel and heartless. Use Saturn in your life now to strengthen what is not strong, so that you can take on whatever could move up or down in whatever direction– in a New York minute.




ARIES, you have the Full Moon and Saturn affecting your career/authority house. Whatever you have been working towards for the last 21/14/7 years will ultimately pay off. The painful problems you have faced with your own or someone else’s authority will shortly have a denouement. Money, endings or power moves caught you by surprise. You are boiling over with unpredictable anger towards some and absolute loyalty towards others. You will have to face some work/health/personal conflict in order to patch up the strength that has gotten worn down.

You are currently being tested by something that you didn’t see coming. It involves family, responsibility and ethics, and how you have been overly harsh with yourself or witnessed someone’s negativity and not spoken up. This period will make you yearn for the good old days when you were innocent regarding what has recently burst wide open. Take heart, your life rebalances after October when you can relax and repair what has gone south.


TAURUS has the Full Moon in your house of learning. You are laboring under learning and relearning the same lesson, over and over again. The energy you must focus on is love. Love in action with people you love is easy, love in action with people who annoy you is hard. This period tests your constancy and your tolerance of all. Can you show up for the Beloved and everyone else, too? Words and thoughts do radiate, so be extra careful.

Anger is volatile and aggravated by a slow burn towards anyone who keeps asking the same questions. Your secret is a quiet storm of rage, and yet keeping this secret wears you down and upsets your sleep and internal life. You can sort out your feelings through meditation or exercise. The money thing has a new twist in June. Your mate or partner is on a high that can potentially pay off. Take the ride with them and contribute some inspiration. Closeness comes through bonds forged in stone, or at least forged in time. Upsets will unseat you throughout the year; pay attention to control issues and let the past go.


GEMINI has the Full Moon in the house of debt and big money. If you have overextended in any way, you will feel it this month. Your lesson is to be calm in the face of scarcity or perceived problems. They have a way of working out if you can hold on and hold strong. Your emotional self can balance by equalizing what goes out and what comes in; what is giving and what is receiving? This process might take another 6 months to get right. Your style of working will need a backtrack after the end of June through late August. Don’t make mistakes with colleagues or friends that you will later regret and have to redo.

Anger and the quick-change thing comes from surprise beginnings. Some new shiny love thing might jump out of nowhere and be tricky to navigate. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…it’s probably not. Your inquiring mind needs to rest sometime, so sit on a beach or under a tree and regather the self that has spent too much energy and time. New business beginnings have the blessings of Fate. After November, your tide is in.  


CANCER has the Full Moon making a double Saturn aspect. You are endeavoring to leave the old life and create a new life, yet you are still asking who am I and where am I going and what about the people in my life? Work and family might be taxing and exhausting. Partnership in any form is an opportunity to open a new chapter. Corrections with authority and obligation are major. Home and your foundation requires patience and a balancing act between career and family. Remember, you have the final say this time.

Your debt/banking/loan/production house is activated. This aspect will go back-and-forth and have an influence on your career or reputation. Emotional ups-and-downs are present on an hourly basis; can you manage yourself and your responsibilities without reverting to old patterns? This period portends the July Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Find a new way to be there for others and for yourself; stop doubting your motivations and release the guilt that stalks your every move. You are capable of a truly new day for your birthday.


LEO has the Full Moon in your house of work and health. Can you relax and maintain your output and still be productive? The anxiety around a friend or partnership feels big, aggressive or angry. Control yourself and the desire to return any insults with “an eye for an eye”. You are better than that. This Moon makes any sentimental attachment to another expand and contract. Early Leos are in a rock and a hard place situation. Impulse, volatility and reactive tendencies want to blow the house down. Don’t.

This period makes any secret life or secret emotions more available to review and to analyze what you are really doing. Your unconscious is hiding behind something or repressing an old story. Business will be brisk; your money house needs an infusion of creativity. Mars can make you a Baby Driver. Just don’t do too many tricks on the road. Control yourself when using any machines or racecars and don’t throw any knives for fun or profit.


VIRGO has the Full Moon in your house of love and romance. You might feel a cold shoulder from someone and spill some milk. This is a period to organize your papers and then reward the child within with a treat or a special outing. The child you are tending (within or literally) feels like no one loves them or that life is too tough right now. Self-blame and self-sacrifice are draining. Improve your attitude, and new and important friends will help you climb any mountain.

Passion at work, or for work, can be constructive. The threat of debt or losing money or time can be overwhelming, yet this year you can rebalance your pocketbook and bank balance. This is the magic of redirecting your anger and allowing self-control to take over. Love and creativity might be a little stern or strict, yet you can still have fun; just remember to clean the cat box and make your bed first. Attend to the business of business and remember the Big Picture.


LIBRA has the Full Moon in the house of the home. Your testing moment consists of being able to stand firm with a household or family issue. The anxiety you feel about your reputation or career and how it impacts the family/home security is big. This period brings the need to stay close to yourself and not get into the downward spiral of fear and scarcity. You are creating a future through your thoughts and now is a prime time to practice peace.

Anger from or with the partner/client/agent can be reset when you deal with any whisper campaigns from friends or colleagues that have affected important people. Back-and-forth heat from Mars in Aquarius (at the end of the month) needs to be cooled through detachment. Whatever drought or flood you are expecting to threaten your paycheck, is within your control to head it off at the pass. Any group or friend that turns against you will disappear. You can live without whoever is acting out. Others might goad you into fighting; be a diplomatic Libra and don’t cry or yell but smile prettily.


SCORPIO has the Full Moon in your house of siblings and decisions. The anxiety that is preoccupying you about a decision or contract gets worked out later than expected. Your desire to travel and see the world anew can become a reality after you heal the hurt inside. A partner/client/agent is capricious, changeable or absent. Any quirky flirtation can take up too much space. Wean yourself from old patterns of dependency on people who don’t show up or give back. Time is slow and heavy, then speeds up and gets under your skin.

Mars agitates some home scene or family situation. The toll on your health or well-being is too much. Do not give into any background noise about unworthiness or sincerity. You are seeding the garden for the next 12 years. Money and self-esteem go hand in hand now. The law of prosperity involves the balance of what is given and what is received. Don’t overdue on either side. Someone wants or needs too much from you. Treat yourself, and value who you are quietly.


SAGITTARIUS has the Full Moon in the house of money and earning. Your difficulty around making the most of any offers now competes with wanting to pay off those big debts and expenses. Responsibility can be burdensome if you are carrying more than you can handle. The gerbil wheel contrasted with a call to freedom is preoccupying you. What is left over from six months ago will come calling. Resist the nervous Nellie routine and go with the flow. Look on the Light side.

Mars brings a fight or a trip that seems to go on forever. Your child/beloved is angry or revved up about health, work or daily life tasks. If there is a note of resentment in someone’s undertone, don’t take the bait and blame them or you. You are reaching for a star with a side dish of learning and expansion. Don’t let another’s judgment or shortfall take you down. Consistent faith in life makes dreams come true.  


CAPRICORN has the Full Moon on you. Something comes to a head that has to do with debt, obligation, work, crankiness, aches and pains, and lessons that need to be learned. Your little old Capricorn self is a bit too brittle now and sharp-tempered. The old jokes are not going over so well. Your stress level is climbing if work is not so plentiful or the partner not so prosperous. This routine changes in the Fall. You are not getting enough bang for your buck when melancholy and scarcity drums the same old theme on your head.

Mars makes a lot of money appear to go out and then incites you. Rational considerations reign supreme over domestic disputes or plans. Try to get the partner/client/agent into the act and share the load. You are only one goat with a huge bundle going up the Impossible Mountain. Don’t feel sorry for yourself about how much you have given and not gotten back. Your question of who am I and where am I going is replaced by why bother? Set the tone and change the beat. You are at the end of a 14/28-year cycle and you are the navigator and the ship. Get away from what derails you and wait for the current to turn. Treading water can seem like it goes on forever. Until it changes direction and moves.


AQUARIUS has the Full Moon in the house of secrets. Your work and toil sit in the hidden sector. Getting ready for a tornado of activity? The angst you have coupled with the years of patience and biding your time add up to a new perspective regarding what you want. You are at a loss for what that is exactly. The Full Moon plays on the past and all the ghosts that come back to haunt you from the boulevard of broken dreams. Don’t shut down because it all seems impossible. It’s just not moving yet.

Mars on your Sun makes you feisty and irritable and downright snappy with people who move too slowly. You periodically stay in the fetal position for hours and then burst into a volatile frenzy of activity. This condition will be on and off through the Fall. You might have to retrace some movements that started since mid-May. Don’t aggravate with words; let others assist you without having to decode what you want. Your pet project will not go as planned; it might go better. Be grateful for all that is in your world. Health and attitude are on the same wavelength. Don’t be in a hurry to get to the end of the road.


PISCES has the Full Moon in your house of friendship. Your circle has gotten smaller and now threatens to contract more. The seriousness with which you approach friendship is matched by a strictness of judgement or obligation that you feel towards self and others. Some problem might arise out of the blue with a misunderstanding or sudden separation. This is the consequence of having become more conservative and more mature in your expectations of self and others. The back-and-forth of a decision involving a group or club is confusing.

Mars in your 12th house makes you your own worst enemy, especially around money and values. You might fly into a rage when your attitude is misinterpreted or misunderstood. Build plans for the future by doing accurate research about any options, and wait until the end of August to act on them. You might find yourself apologizing to someone that you have unwittingly alienated or misled. This period finds you recovering some part that has been lost or gone for years. Go with the flow and don’t resist the internal navigation.


Tanda Tashjian

June 15, 2018

Mini Astrology Newsletter JUNE 1, 2018-JUNE 15, 2018

We are in the process of a mysterious, calculated and irreversible revolution of values, alliances and beliefs. State versus state, haves versus don’t haves, people of various races, colors and creeds versus the powers that be, the 40% versus all the other percent, and Roseanne versus the world. The invisible mystery of it all is the hidden thread that binds all into reality.

President Obama recently said that we are about to find out the result of Mr. President Trump’s economic decisions. We are looking down a barrel of potential chaos; what will get blown up next? The economy might wither as President Obama indicated. If the economy falters, as a result of The Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight, the failing of the glue that binds the economy could start a downward spiral through 2020.

Pluto is back on its South Node (that same Node position that promised the beginning of the end of patriarchy) as the Harvey Weinstein episode moves to handcuffs; meanwhile, Mars in Aquarius is about to wreak havoc in the next few months after it goes retrograde June 26.    

Mars making its way on the South Node in the first two weeks of June sets up July and August as the basis for violence, aggression or something backfiring under the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on July 27. Some governmental power-play will upset the delicate balance we are in, when the Solar Eclipse New Moon is with Pluto in late June-July. There will be a combination of actions against some person or a branch of government that will be fast, chaotic and hard to follow. This month is the set-up for a movable feast of anger, power grabs and government malfeasance.

Mars is the wild card now. If you are embarking on a new business or media strategy, wait until the beginning of September to kick it off. Mars and Uranus will keep repeating a square which brings more random shooter and maniacal outbursts of violence in public places. Some money move activates after the New Moon on June 13, which will produce a dilemma in late July.

What happens with the Mueller et al team and the government acting as the Avenging Angels of the Righteous will play out in a sad, erratic and senseless manner. What will ignite when Someone pulls a fast one?

The New Moon on June 13, and Venus into Leo, will make for problems between a big ego move and the rules of democracy. The “It Can’t Happen Here” moment is close by. For the rest of us, some area in your life that you least expected is threatened or shaky.

For individuals, most who have been faced with some insolvable challenge are dealing the needle in the haystack riddle. You are looking for something you cannot find, or you are lost in a maze of passwords — not able to open your secret vault or your mail.  If someone in your family has been taken hostage by a demon from the lower realm, don’t try to save them — just be there.

Sure, people can still fall in love, get married, have parties and travel, but remember in the The Pianist when one small infraction leads to another. The two different worlds of living are living among all the detritus. Mr. President Trump’s role as an agent of Fate is a messenger in a strange third hand (of fate) way. The New Moon date right before Trump’s birthday might actually see a Korean summit. Two sides of a coin facing off and televised will create bombast and mock heroism.

Guard your investments of time, resources and promises from being too pie-in-the-sky, especially under the New Moon. Try to not overextend with real estate. If the fog of the New Moon on June 13 clears by late August, you can reevaluate then. The present issue is to separate reality from a habitually fixated “interpretation” of reality, in each facet in your life. This period brings the separation between faster and slower consciousness, as predicted by Isabel Hickey — the late, great spiritual astrologer. Ms. Hickey said years ago that life on the earth would get harder and faster, and as a result many would withdraw into another plane. This prediction is becoming true, as many are withdrawing into a slower dimension of ignorance and negativity. Each of us are presented with a choice of which way to go. The planets are  accelerating the consciousness of the group to include all Beings. This concept is threatening to some and invigorating to others.

Start this inclusion now by focusing on the heart chakra. Accept and forgive those who are a drag in your world. That neighbor, that business contact, the colleague who sits across from you and drives you crazy; all are some part of your hologram. See the Light. The kingdom of God is within us, as Summer’s  Eclipses will point to an evolutionary need to join hands in order to survive. All in the same boat. Get on the bus, or off the bus, before the train leaves the station.




ARIES has the New Moon line-up of planets in your house of decisions, squared by Neptune in the 12th house. If you are trying to make a decision or figure out something, you are not in possession of all the information. Your vision about something to do with family, self, or your environment is obscured by what is hidden or Unknown. The need to sit tight, be patient and let matters take their course is paramount, yet you are aggravated by something/someone that keeps acting up and not settling down.

Mars in your house of friendships will go back-and-forth starting in late June. Your anxiety about a professional group or career/authority process is not going away. Your need for clarity about something will be decided this month and will revolve around life, resources and well-being. Family issues are overstimulated and stressful. Cool down your fiery self and meditate on balancing what is overwrought .


TAURUS is having the New Moon in your house of money and resources. The Neptune aspect makes for thinking more about money and being more confused about what you have or don’t have, want or don’t want. You might be deceived by something in your environment and your friends or professional group are not helping matters. Clarity and communication is necessary, yet elusive. The hurry-up-and-wait thing seems to permeate everything that surrounds you.

Mars in Aquarius makes for a back-and-forth movement around career, authority or some father figure. Your impatience and volatility with change in your environment extends to work and to your associations. You normally move more slowly and patiently; this time you could blow your temper with some family decision. You won’t know the right thing to do until late Summer. You will try out other alternatives before hitting the thing that works. Exercise is king, along with cash.


GEMINI has the New Moon on your Sun. Your new beginning this year has to do with a dream, a romance or an ideal. Any fantasy you have that you will suddenly be freed from all the responsibilities you have shouldered in the last 15-18 years is unreal, and you will understand why throughout the year. Your emotional or romantic connection can grow and be fervent and true, yet you must stay on earth with your beloved.

Mars in your house of travel makes for many plans. It might take through the end of the Summer for you to realize all the goals, hopes and dreams. Your hidden sector suddenly brings surprises with someone from the past. They will reenter your life or your sphere. Favors, special treatment or crazy requests will surprise or offend you; don’t take it personally. Siblings are fighting and fidgeting and need your strong hand to hold the boat steady. Don’t let them rock or capsize what you have built.


CANCER has the New Moon in your 12th house. Secrets that have been held, and/or a family member dealing with clinics or hospitals, might not get the clearest advice. Your role is to be the helper, guide and facilitator. Use research and contemplation to be strong and calm in the face of any temporary decision that needs to be made and then reversed over the summer. Your partnership house will heat up in July. A money decision will be central for the next 6 months.

Mars in your 7th house, back-and-forth in Aquarius and Capricorn will retrograde on June 26,and  will bring a career action with some correction or excitement. Your exercise regimen can address any problems with digestion or increases in stress. The stress thing revolves around dreams of travel and growth that are restricted by obligations to family or another. This is your Saturn moment; to learn from the last 13-14 years and not run away from the same problem with a different face. Peace is everything now.


LEO has the New Moon in your house of friendship and ideals. You will encounter an issue concerning communication and the need to be more precise and direct. If you waffle now, there is a chance that what was said (or left unsaid) will come back to you later. A sibling or close friend might try to influence you to behave or do something differently than you want to. Remain in a stabile position, if you can walk the line with time commitments and dollars. There is some mystery that needs to be addressed around life and endings.

Mars in Aquarius makes you itchy, angry and hot or bothered. You might get volatile around a friend or loved one. Try to drive more carefully and don’t get into race car driving. The back-and-forth with a partner or associations might go in reverse after June 26. Make sure you are logical and measured with others so that the surprise element of Uranus doesn’t trip you up with its unpredictability. Work out the kinks in your temperament by working out and massage.


VIRGO has the New Moon in your house of career. You have to make a decision about two jobs or two options in education or in your profession. You are at a crossroads in your professional life. Do not go for the thing that promises a “rose-colored glasses” result. Stick to what you know. Partners/ agents/managers/clients are vague and unwilling to commit to anything deeper, longer or more.   

Mars makes you feel overburdened with uncomfortable feelings about work and health decisions. Someone or something that has gone on does not rest easy in your psyche. You are at a loss for expressing rage or sadness (or both) in a non-chaotic way. This period will reanimate at the end of June through the end of August, when you need to review actions that you have taken around work and health. Your delicate period of new growth still needs tending. You can ascend higher if you are patient and organized by not letting waves of emotion overturn what you have built. Castles made of sand are just sand. Make it real.


LIBRA has the New Moon in your house of travel. Planning for trips or classes that include water, exercise, spirituality, learning and personal growth are a healthy way to have something to look forward to and to take the edge off your work grind. This period brings more issues of concern around siblings and communication difficulties. Be specific and precise with decisions or planning for the future.

Mars in Aquarius makes for a lot more action with children or romance. You can have some excitement with a loved one/friend/beloved animal, but make sure you don’t over-extend financially or energetically.  Something might blow or go too far. The partner is jealous, angry or over activated around some friendship or your independence. Maintain your cool and don’t fall for control games. What seems to go forward comes back and goes in reverse after June 26.  


SCORPIO has the New Moon in your house of life, death and big money. You need to make a decision about a dream or an ideal goal involving a home, children, a loved one or a creative project. How much time and money do you want to put into something and get out of something else? Balance the compassion of Neptune with the fire of Mars. You are in a strange holding pattern around your health or work life. Some surprise element has come into your life that is unpredictable and changes things around.

Mars gets you overheated, hot, inflamed or agitated. Try to cool the overexcited reputation/home/family issue down and don’t jump into any shotgun partnership. This is a good time to take the time to plan with wisdom. Walk the walk, meditate, and put everything back together again. Don’t worry about the future. It is being created right now through November by whatever is within you, spiritually.


SAGITTARIUS, something with a partner/agent/client needs to be addressed. If there is a secret or a secret life, you need to be honest with them and them with you. The fear you have around any kind of exposure is ramping up. This can extend to the Other. Your remorse about not talking straight-up from the get go makes everything feel bigger than it needs to be. Be calm and controlled; the New Moon urges you to deal with the shared ownership of anything in a direct and loving way.

Mars in Aquarius can accentuate writing or decisions that need to be made. The Uranus aspect makes you feel cloistered and claustrophobic, yearning for freedom. Being passionate about love and creativity, yet required now to be deliberate with money and plans for the future, is complicated. The travel bug hits whenever you can’t stand the music. You are looking to take a leap into the Unknown. Try to be patient with all the little annoyances of other people. Humans are a great and wonderful work standing on feet of clay. You’re stuck in the clay now.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in your house of work and health. Someone who works for you, or whom you work for, is caught between two poles. You need to make a decision that involves taking into account something that you cannot predict or foretell. The ideal thing that you crave is somehow connected to another or the Other. Your moment to moment stress has to do with trying to cover all the bases at once. Yet you are only one person juggling many worlds. Review any personal decisions after June 26.

Mars in Aquarius makes money seem like it’s constantly going out. Your worry about the unpredictability of your future is paramount now and perhaps making you a little sleepless. This issue will go back-and-forth, through the Fall.  Get going with a strategy that is original and innovative, and which can factor in the wild cards. The wildness of Uranus can go up or down; when the Wheel of Fortune is the next card you pick. Let Saturn hold the fort steady and allow security to rule from within. Ambition is stimulated and high. Don’t get angry when time takes a toll.


AQUARIUS has the New Moon affecting you in the love house. What you love is calling you and you need to make a decision. Stay away from the fairy godmother version of reality, now. If someone offers you the Brooklyn Bridge, back off. You are in for a period of back-and-forth between June and November. This period of questioning what you’re really doing is competing with the need to do something.  Your health, mind and body depend on keeping the balance of a personal life with a series of professional accomplishments.

Mars in your sign raises the ante. You need to release whatever energy is pent up within you, now. The review of past and recent actions, and how you got here, starts in late June. The consciousness of mistakes or hesitation will be clear; don’t get caught up with anger or negativity towards yourself. You are on a new path so don’t rush into things. Within your home the pressure to modernize or change something with haste versus the need to come up with a new design for living is extreme. With time and planning you can make good progress or force things with a back-and-forth of will. Marry love and ingenuity and a sincere desire to help. Bring new light to the block.


PISCES has the New Moon in the house of the home. Your decision needs to balance reality with a dream of the future. Your ideals and hopes are awash in new relationships and new potential. This period can bring a change with a new home, a change in the same home or a new condition that balances your environment with your homestead. Or you can bring some spiritual interpretation to your inner life.

Mars in your 12th house makes you your own enemy now. If you are low on energy, perhaps because of fitful sleep or too much thinking, try stretching before bedtime and meditation before dreaming. This sector will be active through the Fall. You can watch how you sabotage yourself and how your need to plan for the future (around money and energy) can obsess your psyche. It’s time to relate more to a personal cause and not worry so much. You are at the precipice of a new life, where your innate sensitivity is no longer a curse but a blessing. Inspiration can move mountains in the future. Your physicality needs a spiritual outlet. Yoga and martial arts are good options and will give back more than they take, energetically. Be the fish in the lake swimming in tandem, not opposites.


Tanda Tashjian

June 1, 2018

Mini Astrology Newsletter, May 15-June 1, 2018

Remember the scene in Close Encounters when Richard Dreyfuss compulsively sculpted mountains out of mashed potatoes? As Uranus moves into Taurus, for the next seven years (with a brief hiatus back in Aries between November through March), don’t be surprised if some weird everyday image appears out of its regular groove and seems to possess you.

Many will feel the effects of this transit as an almost imperceptible shift in consciousness just below the level of awareness. If you are suddenly feeling differently, be focused enough to follow the images, icons and movements of what is being cued. It might feel like a low-grade hypnosis or endless advertising jingle that won’t stop playing. You can bet that it’s not Mr. President Trump or any little men from Mars, or even North Korea. It is a switch in the celestial heavens that will influence us all, including those Mars men.

Remember “As above, so below, as below so above”, the astrological dictum of Hermes Trismegistus that describes the interplay between heaven and earth. The present interstellar play is ending and with that come the lessons and movements of the planet Uranus, which will influence us for years to come.

Pay attention to what happens shortly and how the players seem to change up. Those volcanoes and earth events will keep on coming. You might see more of an uptick in crypto currency as Taurus and Uranus bring a change with all the Kings and their money. Just how currency is counted and accounted for will make the Counting House a thing of the past. The computer will be the Thing with a new form of piracy that will inevitably follow, bedeviling the banking world.

Mars into Aquarius, prior to its retrograde June 26, will invoke Uranus as well. Any disruptive and anarchistic energy that gets activated will not be limited to volcanoes and earth events. The popular group mindset might be turned. Get what’s yours, work the system, and everyman only for himself makes grabbing everything the style of the day. Try to think outside of this box.

Mars square Uranus will keep repeating through the end of September. The planet being surrounded by a Darth Vader-ish dread of the Unknown can bring out the worst in each of us. We need a mashed potato intervention that can unite us with one vision about survival and life. This astrological aspect promises outbreaks of violence and volatility through September.

Friends and neighbors are getting narcotized on the web. Can you keep your head above water and not drown in the group devolution? As we perfect our ideas about buying options, the world is burning. Meanness becomes the norm in TV, politics and business. With Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and Mars just leaving, the ground recently covered will give way to a different more unexpected ground or groundlessness. The religious war that is setting up will continue, as Fate’s errand boy hovers with his suitcase over Korea and the powers wait.

Money, markets, earthquakes and destruction are the Unknown’s last resort to get our attention. The money thing will seem as if nothing can keep it down, until it changes. Taurus is a pacific and sometimes plodding sign, intent on pleasure and security. The Eros of Uranus finds pleasure in upending the norm. Wherever you have a true north or a true center, it will get shaken. This is a good time to study non-attachment and impermanence, as for many of us the life that we have lived will change. Change your habits and dependencies now as a way to pre-empt any eruption. If you can release old patterns and petty addictions before the lightning comes, you won’t get burned.

There could be some form of destruction, whether it is weather-based or man-based or something scarring the earth. This period is a process preparing for the 2019-2020 shift. The consciousness of inclusion needs to include everyone. This is the message of Uranus; Zeus’ lightning bolt looking for a lightning rod to contain his ire. The original Ghostbusters, with the goblins let out of Babel.  

Try to extend to others in your family and office. Don’t shame or browbeat any kid or person that is Other. Harmonize with the differences, and maybe Uranus will be good to us.

The New Moon on May 15 hits all these aspects. Something will blow, or a random craziness might erupt around the New Moon. Between May 15 and the Full Moon on May 29, some world event involving water and/or the suffering of a group will elicit a sense of world compassion.

This Jupiter/Neptune aspect will preempt anything else that is happening. The weather, or any human madness acting out, will continue to be destructive until it’s addressed. Like past hurricanes and tidal waves, the earth just keeps on coming. It’s foolish to think we can trump nature. Destroying the planet will destroy what we have built. The message of Uranus is that the deviance of man does turn back on itself at some point. The natural world has its own limits.

It’s important now to meditate on a higher way. We’re all on the same journey no matter who is there bothering you on your path. In this period something will get to you — or a bunch of somethings will be there like little grinches mumbling. Pressure will build like a pressure cooker. Just don’t blow up and blow it all. The reward of patience is more patience. And peace.  


ARIES, you will have a break from the personal upheaval of the last seven years. As Uranus leaves your sign, there is an overriding lesson about anger and patience that you can come away with. The impact of any disruption, and what is left standing, is what you will work to solidify in the next seven years. The impact on your values and resources can be liberating or destructive. The New Moon brings up love and money themes to be addressed, especially in terms of the family. Take a cue from the unconscious, and plan for the future from your inner self.

The Full Moon brings a travel plan or a new learning curve. Any worry or concern about the family will right itself in the next six months. You have been unseated by some surprise event that you didn’t expect. You have the strength and fortitude to keep on when others would have fainting spells. A friend or important person/group challenges your temperament. Be Zen-like in the advent of excessive stress, and don’t blow your stack.


TAURUS has Uranus in your sign for the next seven years. You will have an upheaval in some area in your life. It could be with a job, a new love, or a new condition that must be dealt with. This surprise event begins shortly. You will need to adjust to the immediate demands of health, wealth or some personal life theme. This issue will challenge your stability in the world. Your job, an authority figure or a parent might throw you a curve ball. The New Moon brings a surprise event that sets it off.

The Full Moon makes you aware of your needs and desires. You might want to address the different perspective that your partner is expressing about some difficult subject. Your Other in any area can be strong and benevolent, yet they will voice some hesitation with a future plan. You need to be patient and understanding when someone in the family or a friend acts grabby or ignorant, without letting it agitate you. Don’t get into something that will not rest or resolve until mid-September. You must control the arc of life that you reign over and not get drawn in by anyone who has a hidden agenda. Be the Venus you are, love the one you’re with, and vibrate higher.


GEMINI has the surprise event of something that you least expected changing, literally overnight. This might unseat some sense of your security in some way. You will get a premonition of the change on this New Moon. Try to take one thing at a time and address any anxiety that comes through your unconscious with positive affirmations. Your love life might go through a change with hidden feelings.

The stress you will experience might be more invisible than practical. Any plans for travel, an educational event or a test might be on hold until mid-September. On the Full Moon, do not fight with secret feelings of anger or impatience about some family event or your resources. You can deal with this problem in a new and innovative context. You have the strength to go the distance, though it might seem too long or just too challenging. Work might bring a wave of idealistic potential that can be made more real.   


CANCER has the surprise of your inner emotional stability going through the roof involving a group, a colleague, or a group of colleagues. Your agitation and impatience is piqued around a career project or event. Stay cool. Do Not go to Defcon 5 to make your point. Keep it short and sweet. If you blow up, it will take through mid-September (and too many conversations) to put it back right. The New Moon is a premonition of emotional events involving a group that you need to harmonize with.

The Full Moon brings a change with your health/work regimen. Your schedule might get disrupted, and you could resent it. Try to hold down your emotional fort and not get provoked. The miracle of astrology brings learning in many ways. It’s always where you are weakest that the challenge comes. This time, your family stares back at you through the reflection of someone that you currently depend on. Stay centered and this too shall pass. Don’t throw out the baby and the bathwater and the faucet all at once. An idealistic friend is helpful with a vision.


LEO, you will have some upheaval in your career or public life. This means that something that you thought was nailed down isn’t and might come apart shortly. Your partner in business or in life will protest, act out, or surprise you with some progressive or chaotic suggestions. You might cling to tradition and not want to make changes. The New Moon will provide a premonition of what is to come and you want to pay attention.

Anger or volatility might erupt with a partner or work thing. You might have some kind of showdown with a client or representative that could go on until mid- September. Review the past for any professional disagreements and try to be calm and non-aggressive. You might be provoked by the unfairness of something. The Full Moon brings a note of temperance and insight through the family or a philosophical base. Go with the flow; do not buck any wave that might come at you.


VIRGO has the New Moon in your travel and education house. Uranus entering Taurus makes for some health or work insecurity, as something is coming that is unexpected and nervous. It’s either too much, not enough or not stabile. There is an element of upheaval and unpredictability about something or someone that you are working with. Your anxiety might revolve around the viability of any plans for the future, some travel or a self-improvement project. Balance whatever seems uneven about work and your dreams, as this frustration will bear fruit soon enough.

The Full Moon brings some condition to a head with the family or the homestead. Any decision must focus on the need to maintain reality versus fantasy. Your capacity to dream is big now. You can realize your dream but remember to stick with the practical side of work and productivity and timing. Don’t jump off a cliff or onto any bandwagon without investigating all the options. Your insight about partners helps stabilize what seems to be an up and down moment.


LIBRA has the New Moon in your house of debt and the mystery of life. Something is not going as planned and the ups and downs are driving you a little crazy. Your insecurity about money or life or the purpose of your life has mainly to do with your career, your Father or some authority issue. This is behind the Uranus moment; to utilize your special genius to not keep going over the same ground. Connect with your creativity and come up with a solution that is not based on fighting for survival.

The next Full Moon brings the need to think beyond the cliché. A sibling or neighbor is especially helpful with some challenge around a pet or a chore. Your focus on impermanence revolves around all the people who haven’t come through or who have harmed you. See if you can release any destructive stream of thought and unblock your channel. Moving is an option, but moving up is better. Anger with the partner/agent /client (over how they aren’t really all in) is constant. Don’t do their work for them.


SCORPIO has the partner thing coincide with a big destabilizing of where your live or how you love or what you live for. The Big Questions of life are throwing a few curveballs. Scorpio’s question is about power and control and where you feel powerless or out of control in some area of your life. Whether it’s romance, health, or your home life, something is bending the curve of what has been steady, secure and unchanging. This period initiates a few year’s foray into the Unknown, when you will discover what is within, and find your special gift or genius that you’ve been afraid to access for most of your life. The New Moon reflects the potential of this time in a dream or as some agreement or contract gets confirmed.

The Full Moon brings something to a head about money or resources. Some idea or plan about a gift or investment can pay off in ways that are not just about money. This brings an idealistic shift in your world, and the next three years sets up the travel or journey for deeper meaning. You need to discover yourself anew. The hidden sector has a guardian angel that is something of a superhero; they can bless all the mountains you are about to climb.


SAGITTARIUS has the New Moon in your house of work and health. There is a disturbance in the Force. This sector will vary from day to day, or even hour to hour, dreaming about all the vistas out there to explore and then having to do that special work trick. Your love of the open spaces will periodically get provoked and then go back to the dream. Any between-worlds emotion can swerve between passion and dispassion involving another person, your work, or your whole experience of life.

The Full Moon in your sign brings something to a head from the last six months that is hard to parse. The secret part of you that is guided needs to listen to your inner wisdom, and yet the fantasy island part wants to get on the ride. Your mind, versus your habit of living in a secure vacuum, is at battle. This is a divine period for meditation and contemplation of the sacred and the profane — and where they meet. A special friend is making noise about wanting more. You might want a rest from another’s needing so much.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in your creative sector. Your upset revolves around having so much to give and wanting more opportunity to do so. The recognition part is the rub. You keep feeling pushed out of a potential touchdown when another steals your thunder, or your ideas. Uranus makes you nervous about the future and your career, and who is there to witness what you do and to appreciate you.

The Full Moon in your 12th house makes for an emotional surprise that will take you away from your focus. The next few months bring questions about resources and how to get paid for what you do best. You might engage in a minor war, yet the better way to go is to start your own brand. Working for the man is tiring and full of false starts. This period brings something to your attention about the way you have done things over the last 13-14 years. You will get the acclaim you are hungering for. Just another turn, around one more bend, and you’re there.  


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your house of the home. Your uprooted feelings about the home or the family is affected by Uranus moving into Taurus. This prescient lunation brings the potential for change involving buying a house, changing a house or some big and unexpected change in the family system. Your anxiety about what is coming is related to a fairy tale ending with no new narrative to take its place.

The Full Moon brings something to a head with new friends or colleagues. The expansion you feel is matched by a yearning to share your ideals in a work setting. Love and work are either in or out, now. Assertiveness, power and desire are strong as Mars goes into your sign and goes back and forth through the Fall. Something starts, and then stops. Neck-and-neck are the volatility and struggle to find a basis for coming together and not just walking away. You are at the beginning of something that will take many months to get right. Be patient and don’t complain. Your life is good, if a little unpredictable.


PISCES has the New Moon in your house of decisions, conversations and local travel. Your mind is suddenly on fire with new ideas, places to go, and people to see. This lunation makes the future burn brighter, if not fiercely. The unconscious part of you wants to break through the restrictions of the past. You are at the pinnacle of some new beginning that is critical, extensive and may prove to be freeing. Sleep may be fitful or not so much.

The Full Moon brings an issue with a friend or sibling to a head. Your generosity with this person, or your idealism, were perhaps too positive and unrealistic. They cannot return what you offer in kind. The anger, hurt or anguish you secretly feel about what was said or not said will go back and forth through the Fall. Be compassionate about all of life, including your own.


Tanda Tashjian

May 15, 2018

Mini Astrology Newsletter, May 1, 2018 – May 15, 2018

The planet Uranus goes from Aries to Taurus on May 15, 2018. When a major planet changes signs, it brings huge change in the world and in your personal life. Think back to 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn; this brought the recession, the banking crisis and the overhaul in the financial sector, which is still active. Many lost money, jobs, security, homes and savings. Having a job became a Big Deal.

Think back to 2010, when Uranus went into Aries and Chiron entered Pisces; Uranus brought huge conflict in politics with fighting, aggression and backbiting — all culminating to polarize special interest groups. Mars antagonism agitated everyone, no matter which side you found yourself on. It also brought an acceleration of invention, social media and the TV wide-screen of life into everyone’s consciousness. Virtual living through self-created avatars became normal via Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat, speed dating and love connections.

Chiron made the religious and spiritual search central for many. For others, escapism from reality through film, more and more fantasy TV, information and instant celebrity through Youtube, other- worldly experience and opioids became normal. Everyone was getting further and further away and going higher.

And now Uranus is about to enter Taurus and go back and forth between Aries and Taurus through next March. Chiron has entered Aries and is back and forth between Pisces and Aries through March 2019.

You might feel out of whack, wandering around in a world not of your own making, and a little removed from those you hold near and dear — as well as the rest of the human race. Things are not what you thought they would be, or even where they were last month. Feeling not quite yourself, you might be gliding through the motions — but part of you isn’t there. Even if you return to the same old scene, see some friends, travel or exercise, it’s just not hitting the spot. The center of everything has changed because the center is changing.

Most of the world is experiencing a shift of reality and perception. You could chalk it up to Facebook or get enmeshed in Alien Invaders or a new mixology sample, but you are probably not finding anything solid to hold onto through the feeling of disquiet and anxiety that is now pervasive.

Try thinking about the past cycle from 1968-69 to the present, and also from 2010 to now. These are the astrology markers that can help guide us from feeling crazily adrift in a cosmic sea to navigating a choppy cycle of planetary change. What you did and experienced and decided then has a play with the Now. If you were born during this time, you are feeling especially like you’re floating in a gravity-less world.

Uranus rules the Wheel of Fortune and it can go up or down. Life on the planet is about to shift into a more extreme experience that is slower or more accelerated. The energy of Uranus rules the group, humanity and evolution as well as invention, computers and high-speed communication. It also rules revolution and the “all for one, one for all” aspect; this cycle could bring a big change from viewing each other as enemies or competitors towards becoming co-survivors on the island It’s dawning on some that we have to join hands in order to make it.

Uranus rules volatility and Taurus is the earth. Put it together and you have earthquakes, crazy earth changes, and less and less food and water (with the markets going up and down as a result). The problem with the daily commute becomes a neck-and-neck mix of Road Warrior, Space Aliens, Deliverance, and China Syndrome. Everywhere health on the planet will be central. Uranus can go up or down. It can also bring fantastic steps forward to save and strengthen nature, more natural healing through plants and flowers, more balance between the sexes, and more acceptance of all kinds of love.

Chiron is an asteroid that rules the original wound. It’s the impossible thing that you come in with that waits for you at every turn, no matter how rich and powerful you are (or are not). That core problem that is never solved or resolved forms the firmament of learning and growth; it becomes a source of wisdom and help for everyone you meet, and all the lives you touch.

Chiron is moving from Pisces to Aries, on and off through next March, ending one zodiacal cycle and beginning a new one. This means that a part of your life — some major cycle — is wrapping up. Thus, the alien-adventure, Brave-New-World, feel of things. You may feel like you’re not at home even when you’re home.

The best tool for prediction is self-observation. Observe what is ebbing and flowing and how some part of who/what you were is changing. These next two weeks introduce the Uranus change; Chiron has moved into Aries since April 17.

This next month and to some extent the next 9 months brings the baby.

The New Moon on May 15, at 24 degrees of Taurus, coincides with Uranus going into Taurus. This day, and the weeks before and after, bring a period of upheaval, change, disruption and surprise. Something we took for granted might not be the same or may not be there at all. A dictatorial power or governmental about-face could begin. The weather and the ecosystem might erupt. Law and order and the normal flow of things might stand still because of something unpredictable. Awe and some kind of shock might inspire the planet with a Close Encounters moment. Something or Someone might blow.

For each of us this period is a time to gently allow what is going to go, in order to be open to the opportunity of stepping up to another world. This can be a choice between a world that is lighter, more fruitful and less burdened — or harsher and darker. Your world can be full of gholas wandering from one place to another in search of how it used to be, or a world of insight and communion. It’s a mini Sid Pa Bardo, ahead of its curve. The lead-up to this period can bring sleepless nights and restless anxiety or the acceptance of this period of juggling. The choices presented at this time are crucial for developing the next potential you.

It’s not the end of the world; it is however the beginning of another one. Like a hologram of all the roles you ever played, this hologram accelerates what is potential into something immediate, as what is past folds its hand and moves on.



ARIES, you have the intimation that Big Things are changing. Your last 7/8 years have been a roller coaster of missed dreams and last-minute crises having to do with your spirit being suppressed by something or someone. Do you stay or do you go is the question, and where to? Any repression of your will has resulted in an impossible twist and turn. You learned patience, despite yourself, with some impossible situation that arrived unbidden on your doorstep. Now yours is to let the past 7/8 years meld into more wisdom and be on your path. No more needing to be told by others to cool your jets. The jets are fully operative and engaged.

The New Moon brings a preview of the need to focus on money resources and the more efficient use of what you have. Innovation and creativity must be central. Any suffering from the past around anger, sexuality and the brutality of men will play like fever dreams before your eyes. Don’t mistake a memory for the present and re-create it. Peace is everything, now.


TAURUS is in for the Big One. Your life will go through many permutations in the next 7 years. You will have some disruption around who you think you are. Uranus brings the end of something that you didn’t expect would end — a cycle, a lifestyle, a job or a friendship. Your surprise moment will bring more liberation and ultimately freedom, but you won’t see it this way at first. The secret suffering you hide from others will be outed. Even though you seem in control, what’s inside is quavering.

The New Moon brings the preview of what needs to change. Observe every freefall of mental and emotional quaking. The authority you wield in life needs to become more inclusive and more focused on the good of the whole. Some friend or friends will drop out. Your new group will celebrate your insight and capacity to implement change, no matter what forum you’re a part of. This is potentially one of the most exciting periods of your life.  Just don’t resist it when it hits you.


GEMINI sees the ending of some group of friends or club that was brought together by one common interest. That interest is no longer. The Call to do more, that impacts more people from a place of change will rally. You will be intrigued by some new spiritual or humanitarian idea. The love in your life will look for more, with or without you. Expand your interest in the Other and don’t take them for granted. The lesson of loneliness might come when a good friend exits.

The New Moon in your 12th house brings a love or family secret out in the open. Your emotional self needs respite and soothing. The hard-to-understand motivations of another will continue to not make sense. Yours is to be at peace with the cycle that has you like a cat on a hot tin roof. Be calm with whatever ending comes and know that it makes way for the next thing. How you walk through it makes all the difference. If you didn’t get what you wanted, don’t despair. Something else is coming that needs you more.


CANCER has a Big Change in your career and your spiritual mission. When you combine the two they are cooking. Your professional life is becoming more defined by what you specialized in over the last 7/8 years. The innovative quality that you bring will be the catalyst for personal and financial growth. Activation of the career sector allows more choice when you extend a bigger offering. The suffering and healing of the eternal wound or the hurt and anger around a parent/family member gives a new insight that comes with acceptance. Making peace with the person that hurt you takes time and comes in many guises. Any unwillingness to see and to change is an old habit of resistance. With change, this dead zone can morph into an eternal strength. Your capacity to activate, not based on fear but on strength, will make the difference. Family members are having a crisis that you cannot heal. You can be there for them.

The New Moon brings a group or project into your life that is forward thinking. This period offers insight and instruction on how to extend your world to include more option. Free time, and the inspiration to explore something new, prevails. Friends will come and go, but one will be truly inspiring. Blessings are subtle but deep. Count them.


LEO has a transition or ending of a cycle around travel and belief systems. Some personal or professional self-improvement will be newly utilized in your daily life. Included in this transition is the ability to be in relationship and not have to carry the other’s burden. Chiron makes the money/debt sector change from being a constant drain to offering new possibilities. Some money or investment solution is in the works if you can let go of grasping at straws.

The New Moon brings much attention and emotion to a professional situation. You might have a new job offer that will take time and flexibility to accommodate. This period offers a seven-year cycle where your special gift or brilliance can shine. Make it original and unlike anything that everyone else does. Your love life remains a quagmire of missed opportunity and the recycling of an old, deep wound. Use a spiritual process to deal with whatever or whomever is gone. Pets and animal friends make all the difference.


VIRGO is deeply changed by the eternal wound cycle of Chiron. Passing from Pisces to Aries, your partnership of the last 7/8 years releases the pattern of martyr-hood and suffering that you have been carrying. You have called it love, yet it sometime seemed like a one-way street. The continued pain and sense of shame that you keep trying to fix has been endless. Uranus might upset the applecart of cherished dreams, in terms of what you have built over the past seven years. Yours is to bow to the call of spiritual evolution and go beyond whatever it is that obligated you in the past.

The New Moon in your house of travel make some trip or insight through self-help a beneficial process that opens a new door for the future. You can breathe again. Any past nagging money, debt or sexual complication can transform. You can make the choice to be freer or continue to grovel in unworthiness. The end of something Big is around the corner. Give it nine months, more or less.


LIBRA is starting a new cycle by looking at all relationships from different perspectives. You are letting go of the old pattern of needing to share the Beloved’s suffering by experiencing their challenges as your own. The Chiron cycle of constant frustration through unreal expectations at work and with coworkers will amend itself over the next 9 months. This sector also needs to be purified by a period of diet and exercise and reworking your supplement or vitamin/juicing regimen. The impulse to escape from overworking and drowning yourself in chocolate or caffeine or some other drug of choice needs to be curtailed.

The New Moon in the house of Big Money and resources might bring an unexpected bill or penalty for too many good times or for over-extending yourself. The love thing becomes more thorny and complicated, as the Beloved reveals a part of their financial life that is suddenly unpredictable. Their twist and turn of money and debt might come to a head in six months. A parent or family member is not how they appear; health and wellbeing are a constant concern for them. Do not overplay or overdo your schedule or workload now. Your Big Event around a child or creativity will disrupt most of your plans. Move with the music and don’t stop the dance.


SCORPIO has the Big Event of Uranus’ shift bringing sharp focus to a new house, new abode, new foundation or an altogether new beginning. This period is the culmination of the last 7 years and whatever went away. The security of any personal identity is passing into oblivion. Your health and daily life has been thrown into some disarray, which will accelerate the Big Change this year. Chiron makes you want to be close to children, romance and your inner child by trying to help. Temper how you reach out to everyone, as there is a price for everything.

The New Moon in Taurus brings the deep yearning for a relationship that is unconditional. Your love life from the past, with all its mistakes, catches up with you. You are suddenly at a loss for words about how vulnerable you feel. The transition to a new home, new job, or new life requires planning and a meticulous sense of correction regarding what went by the wayside in years before. You are the best steward of what you have been given. Trust yourself and this cycle will bring self-forgiveness for what you feared you had thrown away or lost. Recovery is an option.


SAGITTARIUS has Uranus moving out of the child sector and into the work/health life. Any experience of overstimulation with a romance/creative project/child in the last seven years will move into a different place. Ups and downs, and the brilliance that you feel connected to, translate into more of a daily rigor in innovation and ingenuity. You might be on the receiving end of some work project that is going too fast and out of control. Chiron makes for a reality check around the eternal wound with family or Mother, moving into a more curative place. Your inner love life might review the mistakes of the past with impassioned feeling.

The New Moon in Taurus brings a surge of more work and demands with women or more joy with your colleagues. The invitation to join a special group might come with the potential for a different way of working, based on cooperation and not competition. Ego displays might be less, while team spirit grows. Your animals will be more loving and need more love from you on a daily basis.


CAPRICORN has the Big Event of the family upheaval from the last seven years ending with a bang and a whimper. The new deal involves some disruption, a family surprise, and maybe some unexpected progress on a creative project. Money is central in order to balance the partner’s (or a family member’s) present lifestyle. The thing you thought was there for sure is not, but another thing comes along for a possible last-minute save. Chiron leaving Pisces releases suffering with a sibling and/or a repetitious thought process of fantasy. You can escape from some sorrow left over from the past, which has enmeshed you in melancholy.

The New Moon in your house of love/creativity makes for invitations from women or some art/social event that puts you back in favor. Some current hesitation in a partnership involves not getting stuck with more unexpected trouble. With Uranus, the wild card is always played. Your emotions are up and down around what can change and what will not budge. Have temperance with what you can change and patience with what you cannot. This Higher Power saying is central to peace. So is “keep coming back” and “keep on keepin’ on.”


AQUARIUS has a Big Movement when Uranus goes into Taurus and makes for more tension in family situations around real estate, the home/office foundation, or how the family is not working together. Your quick mind cannot get the hang of what’s happening. The family base is teeter-tottering and the disruption this provokes is disorienting, unsettling, electric and perhaps liberating. Chiron will affect a sibling in a challenging way. The ending of a cycle from the past makes for a financial change in the family that could prove volcanic.

The New Moon brings a premonition of many incongruous emotional tangents. Your need to balance the intensity, as the center of some project or family dynamic, will be prominent all year. The next six months brings a desire to be lighter, merrier and in love with someone or something. You are still however caught up in the business of your business. Don’t abandon priorities if you feel any lack of support or interest. You are dealing with some essential aspect that will either break apart or come back together shortly. Patience is golden.


PISCES has a Big Event when Uranus moves signs. Your communication with a sibling or their sudden turnaround about some basic decision might be shocking, unpredictable or chaotic. Chiron’s move from Pisces acts as a slow release of the heavy torturous pressure of the last 7/8 years of feeling lost, confused, and needing relief from unbearable pressure. Your fragile sense of commitment to any earthly thing can get stronger or go away.

The New Moon in Taurus makes for more emotional connection with siblings. A trip or conversation you were dreading or putting off might go better than expected. You are at the center of a series of deep and irrevocable changes that have taken since the 60’s to complete. The freedom you can now invoke is one where you can live your life the way you want to. Almost home free.      

Tanda Tashjian

May 1, 2018


Mini Astrology Newsletter, April 15 – May 1, 2018

The New Moon on April 15 in Aries highlights Mars in Capricorn. Mars has already lined up with Saturn and it shortly conjoins Pluto in Capricorn at the end of April, and then squares Uranus through the middle of May. Mercury goes direct on April 15, Saturn retrogrades April 17, and Pluto retrogrades April 22.

This power-packed series of astrology will confuse, diffuse and provoke an endless series of reactions and problems. Chiron, about to enter Aries, brings the power of the healing crisis to areas of fighting, territory, aggression and anger. Mars in each of us will get poked around survival and ego. Wherever you feel you are not enough will feel more so. Aries can represent that tiny fragment of inadequacy within each of us that revs up on a dime of weakness or any perceived challenge involving virility.

Someone is having just those doubts about himself and his functionality. What will happen? Attacks on another country take us away from malfeasance, nationally. What we have been building up to, on one plane, morphs into another series of problems on another. And here is the ongoing storyline featuring Cohen, Rosenstein and Mueller, revolving around that Gemini trickster Mr. President Trump.

This New Moon features an aspect that will culminate through the end of April in a series of power grabs and manipulative actions. Markets will reel up and then further down through October. We will see the present authority sink back into the swamp that he is purportedly draining. Mueller et al will not let go, even though a worm is wriggling.

Saturn retrograde brings lessons back from December that you thought you had mastered. Many people will feel let down by someone or something that seemed like it was turning around. Saturn locks in the lesson through blockages and patience — the thing most of us are trying to learn now, especially in relation to business, work and caretaking. Responsibility seems bigger. The New Moon makes everyone mad at something or someone.

Mercury going direct brings some truth out into the open after April 15. Pluto retrogrades and sees the power issue in each of our lives take down another customer.

The Full Moon on April 29, with Mars conjunct Pluto April 26, makes power the name of the game. Whatever comes to a head — in terms of money, investment, borrowed money and/or favors given or sexuality bartered — will backfire in some way. Taxes and government will be the source of deeply felt rage at home.

In the last two weeks of April and first part of May “Things” will subversively go one way then blow out into a it can’t happen here moment. There will be a zig-zagging U turn at the last moment. The charts et al of the A team: Mr. Rosenstein-shows a fated need to go up against a monolith Goliath win or lose; Mr Comey- the world weary Greek choir of “Been there, done that” and “I coulda been a contender”; the chart of Mr Mueller “Hurry up and hog tie that boy”. With Uranus you have the wild card of complete unpredictability. In whose favor will it flip on this round?   

You are not alone if you are wondering “what is the purpose of all this?” and “why bother?” There are those inflated moments of “I can do this” and “Let’s get it done” and all that other jargon, followed immediately by “why bother to get what done?” and “I can’t go on like this” internally looping. All these sentiments are part and parcel of Chiron leaving Pisces and Uranus leaving Aries. The thing you thought you were doing is not actually the thing you are doing. And regarding who you are doing it with, it is anybody’s guess who and what they really are.

This unflattering and unpleasant summary of the astrology of the now will make many turn to what is the truer undercurrent of the time.  Put it together with what you want for yourself with your whole heart, whole soul, for your whole purpose so as to live in harmony with your whole heart and whole soul, awake and alive and renewed by love in action.

The incontrovertible truth about love provides a very fast forward to the perception of a new possibility of human awareness that is now wafting over the planet. It’s a good time to choose a new direction for the next 7 and 51 years. This is not the time to consult or sign on the bottom line of anything.

Try to hit the high note — at least in your inner world.  And then take a walk on the beach, pet your dog and be grateful for all that is before it isn’t.  There’s still time for us to all go forward together. “Get on Up” as the song goes. Believe it.




ARIES has it in for the old school charm that seems like it’s blowing like a tsunami through your life. Some new current has taken hold, and it will not let up if you cling to the past. Take the ride. You can leave the old story behind and create not only a new narrative but a whole new system. You must learn how to redirect your anger and not keep replaying grievances.  

Mars at the top of your chart, with Saturn and Pluto, bring the touched-by-Fate moment which pulls you out of any regressive relationship, job or lifestyle and super tracks you to destiny. After April 15 fasten those proverbial seatbelts. Some old job or authority from the past will show up. Do you want to go back to the horse and buggy days or welcome the next 7 years?  Your Tomorrow Mountain features more resources actually being seen and utilized, and you get paid in more than money! May starts the turn.


TAURUS has the New Moon in your 12th house. Out with the old, in with the new — with everything. Your Uranus moment can allow you to liberate some conservative or habitual part of your former life that is no longer relevant. More excitement comes with doing what you love and receiving acknowledgement. Your love life will either intensify or stop. May brings the beginning of a change that is hinted at this month. Soon you will be free of a hidden secret or burden.

The Full Moon at the end of April puts a spotlight on the partner. Their hesitancy in making a worldly commitment might rile you. Don’t fight with them. Lead the horse and let them decide if they want the water. Start the New Leaf with a trip for your birthday; try something new. Get used to surprises. The hidden pain of your lineage will be felt more deeply, but not so dramatically. Do not fight the dreams or memories that make no sense right now.


GEMINI has the right idea. You can open your heart to new dreams and hopes under the New Moon on April 15. Start the mind machine working to conceptualize some new innovation or invention that can make you money. Your desire to stop working for the man is all too real. You can create a new opportunity that will allow you more personal time to travel or learn. Go forward and don’t strain to find the answer. The planets are making you impatient to find the new opportunity that has meaning and relevance for the different person you have become.

Tend the beloved pets’ teeth and bones, don’t borrow money, and keep your nose on the annoying grindstone of your regiment for the time being. May brings a new cycle of excitement and disruption when the best laid plans go awry. Something inspirational to better express yourself comes throughout next year. Don’t get attached to an Imitation of Life. Do go walking on the beach or the mountain to regain a sense of freedom that was lost, limited or withheld in the last 7 years.


CANCER has the New Moon at the top of your chart. Career and authority issues predominate. The lineup of planets in your partnership house make for a potential rebuilding of what was lost in the last 10 years. There is some big elephant that is moving on out of your life. Think about how to create a life where you can psychologically come and go as you please and not depend on the critical or disapproving reactions of anyone else.

The Full Moon at the end of April makes for a summary decision around big money, inheritance, debt or taxes. The investment/resource sector needs to consult with someone who has discipline and experience. Your partnership house is in metamorphosis. You can heal the losses of the last period with a new attitude about yourself, as long as you can factor your needs into the mix. The existential crisis about identity and purpose takes a nosedive and comes out with some answers by early Fall.


LEO has the New Moon in your house of seeking. You are on the scent of a new adventure and this adventure brings an acceleration, as well as more connection and stimulation with a potential partner or client. Any new project needs vetting. There’s a new person that will advise and support. Your friendship with this key person serves you well in the next six months. A secret unwisely shared can become surprisingly volatile.

The Full Moon at the end of the month makes for an emotional series of moments about, and a release from, what has gone and is no more. The emotional loss around any animal, lover or friend will suddenly come back in spades. Dream the impossible dream and don’t sell the farm just because you’re sad. Fate can offer its hand and bring a new opportunity to help you heal from the inside. You are on the verge of a new chapter involving family, where you live, and whom you live with.


VIRGO has the New Moon in the house of life and death. Some chance remark or thought landed you in trouble and you have to shimmy your way out. The money/debt/tax thing can feel overwhelming, yet you can go the distance and straighten it out. Work life is growing, so take it easy and don’t burnout in the beginning. A long-time fantasy about love or a partner might dissolve like Castles Made of Sand. Keep it real.

The Full Moon brings some school or contractual decision into perspective. The earth trine of planets brings luck that picks you up when you’re down. A long-held illusion about how your life should work is about to be seen and corrected. The childhood crisis you have been re-living can finally heal if you stop beating yourself with obligation. The health and wellness sector still needs consistent attention and work.


LIBRA has the New Moon in your partnership house, which brings a big surprise. The next six months will bring more clients or very unusual ones. Your emotional tenor can remain stabile when you get enough rest and time off. Don’t push the river to get ahead in anyway. Keep the cycle to a balance and allow the demands on you to be dealt with in your own time. Some crazy unexpected turn with a partner might unseat you and make you feel insecure.

The Full Moon at the end of April makes your money house in need of a review. Funds that have been put aside might get used for an emergency, or for the family. Your inner authority needs to be consulted on how to navigate the issues. You can have more input in term of how things go. Family and the home are undergoing deep, long-term change that might take the next two years to work out. Don’t get mad at the ignorance of others. Patience, patience, patience.


SCORPIO has the New Moon in your house of health. You must stick to your routine and what is advised and not rock your boat. Your everyday is going through a big change which will manifest in the next six months. How you depend on your routine and those who work with or for you will change. You can depend on children or close friends to support you in this time of change.

The Full Moon in your sign at the end of April makes for a wave of emotional release that comes quickly. Mars, Saturn and Pluto bring some decisions to a head that will impact much of the rest of your life. The developments of this time will take up to two years to settle into a groove. In the meantime, you are graced with Jupiter, which brings a sense of protection and divine guidance that you can turn to when you feel alone. The next twelve years are created out of what you decide now.


SAGITTARIUS has the New Moon in your house of children and romance. This surprise period brings a sudden turn or problem with kids or lovers. You might be in or out with them, and consistent love and support might seem a little rocky. The issues of money and resources that you share with another are tricky now. You might feel that you are being professionally positioned by someone who you thought was on your side, but might not be.

The Full Moon at the end of April brings a nervousness or unconscious feeling to the fore. Your worry about being foolish brings a meticulous review of money and resources. This period will bring a turnaround involving the reality of whom and what you are dealing with in work or career. You thought it was one thing, but it will be revealed to be quite another. This time you must iron out the part that cooperates with your own undoing. Jupiter serves you if you get lost in a mess. Money needs tending to build on a surer footing over the next two years.  It’s not so much about getting more but making what you have work for you more efficiently.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in the house of the home. Family/home issues might take a quick turn that requires calm and discrimination in terms on what you decide to do. This new condition will disrupt a pattern that you thought was settled. You need to be progressive and patient. This decision will impact the next two years and how you identify with work, self and purpose. Your fated condition with Saturn restructures what went out the window 10 years ago.

The Full Moon at the end of April makes for a short term conclusion around some friend or special person. Your work life expands if you can stay focused and not rocked by apparent conditions that are out of your control. The partner/client is a little anxious and overwhelmed. This Full Moon makes your dreams more conscious and need to be discussed. Make sure you are clear about what you want. You are not so easygoing right now, so don’t start any fights. Health can be inflamed by anger so take it easy. No corn dogs or pepper steak. Take the time to exercise and release the stress that seems non-stop. Pets need care and attention, especially with bones, teeth or to strengthen any systemic improvement.


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your house of contracts. You must make a commitment to some decision around a deal or an obligation. You might have consulted with many others about this plan. Take this information into your process. Use the Oracle within to make it final. Chiron leaving Pisces helps the unending crisis about inner meaning and how you sometimes invent problems to avoid emotions. This pattern comes to a head between now and May. You can work on this through 2019 and improve your relationship with your psyche.

During the Full Moon, the family homestead or the castle surprisingly involves a big jump forward or becomes something that needs a lot more time and energy. You can be free of some work chore if you can plan ahead now.  Health or work ricochets back with tiredness and melancholy if you don’t set limits. The Full Moon in your house of career (and your face to the world) brings a power shift that must be better informed by your inner Self.


PISCES is a little lost, as Chiron is getting ready to move. Your toil and trouble of the last 7 plus years is about to go. The desire to escape any reality will bring your reality to a fever pitch. This period of the New Moon through the end of April can make for an up-and-down around money or resources. You need to go to another level, in terms of how you deal with kids or creativity. The ideals you have been living for are due for a change. This journey might take the next few years and involve a whole new set of friends or colleagues.

The Full Moon at the end of April makes for spiritual regrouping or a mind-bending travel experience. Your hesitation in expanding your horizons is based on past anxiety. Loss, punishment and being abandoned are not attractive. This period is integral for you to come to a new place about how you live by what inspires you. Meaning and purpose are the two aspects that sometimes elude you. Try to meditate or go for a long hike and do a spring cleaning of the past. Some friend that’s been down or out comes back into the picture. Be generous, grateful and kind.


Tanda Tashjian

April 15, 2018