Mini Astrology Newsletter, January 15 – February 1, 2018

Someone recently asked me about astrology and what happened respectively with Mr. President Trump, the “Me Too” Movement, and North Korea. Was it all foreseeable? It’s a good question and yes it is possible to see trends and energies. You can see the formation of what energies will play out in terms of trends and themes; the precise manifestation of how these energies combine is usually subject to fate, synchronicity and the will of the Unknown.

With the extreme planets of Uranus and Pluto in conflict over the last few years, Brexit and the populism trend was foreseeable. The haves and have-nots would inevitably be fighting each other for power and influence.  Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2007-2008 was a clear challenge to financial structures and an indication of the need to reorganize government. Pluto transiting the position of its own South Node beginning last Spring (and now in January 2018) brings a challenge to patriarchy and to whomever is ruling through the support of existing power structures. “Me Too” came out of this particular astrology aspect. Mr. President Trump is a little twist of Fate interacting with the heavens.

Pluto, now in a full swing transit on its own South Node, enables the exposure and the obliteration of those who have abused power. How this will play out is still unknown. Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn on December 19 has Saturn tracing the same pattern that Pluto did in 2007-2008. We are getting the second chance to rebuild what was lost or deadened in 2007-2008. The restructuring of what you personally lost will play out over the next two years. How and what you do with it is up to you.

The New Moon on January 16, in 26 degrees of Capricorn, will attempt to structure and stabilize these discordant energies. With the complication of so many conflicting aspects, the potential for stability will not be likely. The stellium (or close-knit group) of Capricorn planets, led by Saturn, will overwhelm each of us with the pressure to stabilize what is unstable. This movement will be upended by Uranus, which brings a provocative, surprising or erratic response — and irregular interactions with a foreign or domestic power dynamic. The last two weeks of January set up the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 31, which will bring some kind of showdown between high-powered wills. Will it be Korea, DOJ, GOP or something else? The cards are stacked and about to be played.

What happens right before the New Moon on January 16 sets up a regressive interaction that could domino. Weather and environmental conditions could also be chaotic. The sheer weight of chaos in this month will require statesmanship — not temperamental dictums. The cult of personality will try to dominate, but get blown back. Mr. President Trump is already at the beck-and-call of Uranus, and in the next few weeks this planet features upheaval, instability and chaotic quick changes that confuse and displace the truth.

This month you will want to put together a work plan, a life plan, a savings plan or a health plan. Many will see their plans uprooted by a sense of not-so-vague anxiety. The generalized sense of malaise, tiredness and stress will disrupt many work places, and any pretext of prevailing calm will probably lose its cool.

This period could make for a sudden upset of your best-laid plans. Whatever you are trying to steady in your life will have some erratic, disorganized or progressive interruption. Be prepared for a flat tire, a bank outage, or a weather/tech holiday due to extremes and lack of functionality. So many planets in one sign such as Capricorn point to the power of the state, tradition, and law and order. The “Lets Make a Deal” Trump concept will be shattered. Earthquakes, or some chaotic disorder, could disrupt the fighting that is going on politically.  Each of us will encounter some area in our life that will go sideways –and not go at all as intended.

Be able to retreat to your home for succor, safety and a breath of recovery from all the phantom pains and make-believe distractions. The truth will come out eventually. Use your eyes and ears if you are a corporate person, and be aware that with any long-term real estate planning some market will stumble and perhaps fall. This is the beginning of the end of some run in the next 6 months. The environment might be the thing that protests and is a spoiler.

We are in a period that predates the revolutionary astrology aspects of 2019-2020 and is reminiscent of the American Revolution. The government, and all that it includes, needs to be restructured to be inclusive of and responsive to the whole group. The social interaction of men, women and all groups will be equalized over time. With Regulus now in Virgo for the next two thousand years, we begin to close in on a consciousness that believes that a special few can get rich and rule on the backs of others. For the planet to be protected and cared for, for nature and a return to the garden, we will need more than a moment; it will be a process. What is innocent and pure in both the masculine and feminine can walk hand-in-hand. This includes all of the people, all of the differences, nature, politics and resources on every level. Observe over the year, as nature, media and fashion reflect this movement. You can get ahead of this curve.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 31, in 11 degrees of Leo, features a shape-shifting aspect of personality. The President might become morose after losing his voice. That voice will falter shortly. Jupiter in sextile to Pluto should help move things forward; however, what happens at the beginning of the week of January 15 might be upsetting and regressive in how it plays out at the end of January.

Leo needs to lead with a heart that is open and includes everyone. This could have been the cosmic mission of Trump, realized. Can you be the leader with an open heart, wherever you have authority? Family, work and friendship — wherever you are given some room to speak, be a speaker of the truth who doesn’t put his/her own needs first.  Leo is the heart chakra; the heart sees everything as a reflection. As above so below.

Self-absorption and self-interest end up blocking the body. This goes for the body politic as well as the individual. We are in a calm before the storm.  A perfect storm has begun with one ignorant mis-step, which will in time give way to an avalanche.




ARIES with the New Moon in Capricorn will have many projects and demands in the career aspect. Your disruptive moment comes with anger or a demand or an insult that you least expected from a friend or colleague. Any preoccupation with love or intimacy will backfire or ricochet, when you don’t balance your needs with the reality and values of whom you’re with. The let-down triggers a sense of self-punishment or self-criticism that is a compulsive throwback to childhood.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings some new romantic or creative prospect. Pessimistic thinking can be helped by a change in routine or expectations. Try to not fight or resist the flow. This learning curve features a kind of patience with the self that is non-confrontational and brings you closer to the ideal of a peaceful closure. Your electric mind might be over stimulated by a mental configuration that represents a new kind of connection. You have recently let go of the other more destructive kind that weakens you at your core. Aries loves to fight for something; you can cool those jets and  be a more high powered ram.


TAURUS has the New Moon in your 9th house. A trip, or some educational plan, might be delayed or put off. Money and time will be an issue for the next month. Partners are fighting off opportunities and/ or over-extending their commitments. Your financial obligations with family are increased or complicated by insurance or contractual agreements. Work becomes more prone to upsets due to unforeseen situations. Use the strength you have cultivate and be zen in the face of unexpected noise.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon makes for an uptick with kids or romantic connections. You are surprised by how quickly things change, and how good can become great. Any athletic challenge or personal creativity brings the partner closer. Team up with a partner or friend to plan a new business or service that you can offer together. Your home is a source of pride and comfort. Allow the siblings to go their own way; they are confused and confusing. Open your heart, and love the one you’re with.



GEMINI has the New Moon in your house of money and long-term plans. Your fear or acceptance of death and life, sex and intimacy can go to a new level. Your period of over-thinking the practicality of things will be interrupted by a friend or group that is fighting or not cooperating. Your colleagues are not on the same wavelength, or are experiencing some fragmentation.  Health and work regimens are getting stronger and showing results. Going to a higher level with any kind of learning or travel will be met with success.

The partner is trying to make something right. You can help them with any long-standing issue with family, or their subconscious, through understanding and patience. The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings something to a head that has been cooking with siblings or neighbors. You cannot control how crazy people get over trivial matters. You can control how you deal with your inner sense of peace, and how your resources reflect what goes on within your core. Your inner world wants more commitment. You can improve your health and well-being by not getting over-involved in other people’s problems.


CANCER addresses Saturn’s move into their sign. You are suddenly aware of the power of partnership in your life and how it challenges the boundaries of your little empire of the last 13-14 years. You can see the emotional impact of past relationships and how the bitter taste left influences any hesitation now. The New Moon brings a conflict or sudden opportunity to upgrade your game. Can you get the energy going in the right direction?

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon focuses on the issues of money and resources. What happened since the August Eclipse is relevant now. Can you bring the conservatism you have learned, coupled with the creative freedom of Leo, to create a new dynamic that allows you to take a chance and win? You are moving into a new phase in your professional and personal life. This period sets the foundation for the next 14 years. Don’t run into a blank wall; walk steady, and trust yourself.


LEO has the New Moon in your 6th house. Work and health are settling into a groove, yet an upset that comes brings a conflict with a faraway place or person; this conflict can pinpoint a spiritual issue or a confusion of purpose. Your secret feelings need to be acknowledged and examined.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo puts the focus on you. What you started, or what happened since August 21, will play out now. Something that began then will come to a head, requiring a personal decision or choice. Remember what you have been learning since May 2017. What is going needs to be let go; 2017 started a process that takes away what is no longer relevant in your life. The August Eclipse intensified the energy. What you are left with can bring you a whole new life. Take the time to meditate and allow the energy to inspire a new approach of acceptance and love.


VIRGO has the New Moon in your house of children and the inner child. Your concentration on the business of your life can be one-pointed until the interruption of Uranus makes itself known. You might feel that some kind of money or debt issue can upend your whole situation. Focus on the realities of life, along with the full potential of the moment, and keep the balance. The danger of Saturn can make you feel boxed in. Pets and work can present a nerve wracking few weeks. Don’t bite your nails, strengthen and accelerate your processing of feeling.

Your joy in life can return with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon when you might have some kind of breakthrough moment. The Eclipse of August brought a challenge that compelled you to deal with the unknown and what you cannot control. You have been rocked and rolled since August, and now you can come out on the other side.  Your personal and professional life is maturing. You can clean out the closet and make space for new things. This is the time to invoke the Tao of life and not go dark.


LIBRA has the New Moon in the house of the home. Home or office is the focus now, yet you recently had some concern or anxiety about a partner or client. You can deal with this feeling of being upended if you keep your eye on the ball and not go off-road. The emotional stress of this time helps bring all your energy to a more central focus. What has gone or left since 2007-2008 is now being rebuilt. This means that the home, family and office dynamic need to be reset on a new level.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of friendship makes for some career/Father/authority thing to come a head with a colleague or friend. What started last August brings some kind of confrontation or creative opportunity for you to express yourself and your individuality.  You are being challenged to make a solid foundation that gets stronger in the next few years, and which can set you up professionally for the next long term cycle.


SCORPIO has the New Moon in your house of decisions. You are now required to focus on many serious decisions that can affect you for the next 5-12 years. You might have a disruption or be confused about a choice involving health or work. Any unevenness due to energy or repressed anger can cause over-excitement that threatens to irritate you and result in negativity.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of the world brings some decision to a head that began last August. A new feeling of empowerment with a home or family issue can open the door to another life, if you let it. You are on the brink of exiting a period of great personal turmoil. This turmoil was silent, secret and internal. It involves you and your relationship to spirit, life and death and the Unknown. You are the mystic and magician in the zodiac. Use your magic of thought and deed for the highest good of your family and self.


SAGITTARIUS has the New Moon in your house of money. Your focus on making money should come first now, without getting upended by erratic thinking about your worth and your values.  The last few years brought a stabilizing energy that can be tested in your realm of resources. Do not underestimate yourself. What changed since 2007-2008 can now be rebuilt in the next few years. Your melancholy (about how slow progress takes) requires patience and self-confidence. Money and prestige are important, but not transcendent.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of love brings a new consciousness about romance and children. Any hesitation you are experiencing, which began last August, could be confused by past feelings of loss. This period involves the themes of past love and anguish about lost opportunities; any missing out in life can return when you forgive yourself for any misstep from the past. Turn to your nighttime dreams and your internal guidance for direction.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in your first house. Your deepening commitment to deal with any business or practicality in your life is formidable. Your current “take no prisoners” approach to yourself and your capacity for distracting yourself with negativity is impressive. Yet there is some undercurrent that is provocative around the home, family, office, or foundation. You have so many projects and you need to focus, now. Your nervous system needs to be calm and centered and not go off into fear or other tangents that take you away from your purpose.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your house of big money will make all debts and money issues apparent. Your dream of fortune and prestige can manifest.  The opportunity to create some new option for business, or produce your work in a new form, is the result of what happened (or didn’t happen) since August. You can rebuild what was lost or gone since 2007-2008. The next few years is absolute in that you will get your chance to show us what you’ve got. Do the dance, become the dance. You’re up for some real achievement. By re-centering your focus on what you care about – instead of what you want — you’ll get there.


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your 12th house. Your focus on what is keeping you down is interrupted by anger or impatience with your mind and the decisions you have made. Mistakes or impulsive behavior can be reined in; you can go to the kernel of thought and belief that created the problem. Your self-esteem, and any overcompensation that comes from a deep disappointment with self, can be an inspiration for change when you become aware of it.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon hearkens back to August and what went down, or didn’t happen, at that time. Your relationship with a client, partner or group can be resuscitated and repaired. Your quick mind needs to catch up with your heart. You often discount feeling because it doesn’t seem so smart. This time, the heart will breakout in a brilliance of insight and emotion. Take the time to read the signals and process the feelings that have been too impossible to bear.


PISCES has the New Moon in your house of friendships and dreams. The focus you have on ideals, hopes and dreams will have its’ focus pulled shortly. Some unforeseen issue with money, earnings or a slowdown in communication can upset your situation.  The future with children, romance or creative projects needs to be rethought. The glitch in your plans might be a result of the past, and not listening to yourself. You have gone back and forth between two realities and now need to integrate them in a more practical manner.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon brings you face to face with a new work regime or health process. What started last August when something went away brings a new opportunity to work for (or work on) what has eluded you. You are serious about changing what is internally holding you back. Your anxiety on how to proceed with so many unpredictable interruptions will shortly give way to a serene, cool and calm passage from this side of the lake to a more ephemeral one. Be strong with your boundaries; do not give way to self-doubt. Money is a form of energy. When you release any hold on you that disappointment and anger has you can free up more of both.

Tanda Tashjian

January 15, 2018




Mini Astrology Newsletter, January 1, 2018- January 15, 2018

What will 2018 bring? Let’s look at the future astrology this year and see what patterns emerge that could manifest in some form.

On the forefront this year is Saturn. A good overall theme for the year would be to stabilize what you are doing, what you have, and what you want to do. Planning, patience and bringing order to whatever chaos has sprung up in your life is a winning way to play this year’s hand. Focus on foundation, making and securing new ones, or repairing what has been shaky. Establish a good foundation for whatever you want to grow.

Saturn deals with transactions; this means that everything on earth has a price. This year finds you going through a review around what you value, and how pay for it. You will be more aware of how you pay for the things in your life – either in money, time, or energy. You will be more aware of the transactional nature behind your encounters. This is the Year of the Deal, and many will bid, sell or compete. The question is, can you go beyond the transactional nature in life, this year? Love, relationship, or work might seem to get thrown off a pedestal and onto a serving platter. Watch how politics and business negotiate this year. You can walk away from anything that costs you too much in the way of energy, emotion, or time. It’s a big year to learn that what is truly valuable does not always come from the best negotiation or by beating the other guy.

Being an Earth Dog Year further deepens the concept of stability, slow and steady progress, stubbornness, and conservatism.  You can embody and work with the qualities of trust, loyalty and fealty in whatever enterprise you commence. The Chinese New Year starts on February 16. This year you can use your inner wisdom to conquer any obstacle that arises. Make sure you finish any incomplete project. This year’s symbols of soil, walls and mountains highlight real estate, the land, earthquakes and minerals.

It’s a prime year to work with meditation or any religious belief system that you may have. On February 16, burn incense, and bring orchids and brown and green fruits to friends and colleagues to celebrate and invoke good luck. This is the year to make your home cozy and super comfortable. Dogs are loyal and will protect their human; adopt this attitude of honesty and loyalty with all who are close. Since Earth rules the stomach, make sure your digestion and diet is balanced.

First off, and on a positive note, Mars and Jupiter conjoin in Scorpio on January 6. Will this bring an indication of life after death (or something beyond this planet), a cure for cancer, or some other great thing that can inspire us with faith for living and connecting with the Unknown?  As Pluto continues into its last decanate, the purification of whatever is toxic in our life continues.

Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19, 2017, just as the Sun entered Capricorn. The astrology that happens on the Solstice has more power.  Saturn will dominate much of this year. Structure, rules, regulations, boundaries, strictures and the black-and-white of it all will be central in many news stories. Saturn is considered the Shadow as well as the superego (the police or authority in the psyche), Old Man Time, the taskmaster, and that which metes out Karmic Correction to all.

Saturn is tracing the same pattern that Pluto began in 2007-2008, when it entered Capricorn. What happened then is happening now in a more physical and material way. What was lost, gone, obliterated or deadened in your life in the period of 2007-2008 will come back to life in the next few years to be rebuilt  and transformed.

In 2008, the financial shutdown happened, as many financial institutions in the USA went down. The government buffered the fall and saved the banks. The outlaws of the financial worlds went unconfronted while housing requirements tightened up for the everyday consumer. Will some financial crisis hit the country in the next year? It could start before mid-2018, as a lead in to the beginning of August, when the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon disposes to Uranus (the planet of extremes and reaction).

Saturn will catch up to Pluto between 2019-2020. This is the dark night of the soul aspect, if you have it in your personal chart. The country will go through some sort of dark night purge and restructuring on a huge level between now and 2019-2020. But first the Trump Inquisition and the FBI comes.

In the next few months, the Mueller effect goes public. Something will go bust before the two Eclipses in January and February.  Either it’s a firing, a Big Discredit, or a Treason/Obstruction moment.  Will the Korean nuclear option head this event off at the pass?

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 31 heralds something that we never thought would happen. Uranus is preparing to leave Aries and enter Taurus on May 15, 2018. Especially potent with money, banking and financials, Taurus (ruled by Venus) begins the May upset with this Lunar Eclipse. Don’t forget that cash will be king in about 5-6 months, and Venus is cash. The chaos that this time beckons could decimate some sense of order in the country. Big money and spending, inflation or big losses could dominate the headlines, or your personal world.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on February 15 sees the ruler of Aquarius (Uranus) dispose to Mars, and square Neptune. A new beginning comes with a questionable friend who is leading us astray or betraying us under the guise of helping. Some toxic substance could poison or affect the waters.  The next day, on February 16, the year of the Dog begins. Loud barking on either side of the fence could make for a dog fight.

Amidst the Eclipses, there will come increasing vitriol and more doubt sown around the FBI. When Russia and the obstruction evidence finally goes public, will it be too late to catch up with the not-so-whispered “whisper campaign”?  Mueller will make a move between now and the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 31. Who or what will take out the underpinning of his official support, when some kind of hell breaks loose and everyone is crazed by this development? It will come from behind, while something else is going on.

The Korea threat will beat its drum and take attention away from what is circling Mr. President Trump. By the end of May, an open revolt between those who support and stand behind the Mueller probe and those who do not is possible. The main question is whether or not Mr. President Trump will invoke an act of war as a means to save himself and lock down the country. If the Fates swing a different way and allow Mueller’s case to stand, will it end in a resignation or ignominy?

The two options of resignation or coronation are out there. And time will tell.

Jupiter trines Neptune on May 5, 2018 and August 19, 2018. This oceanic aspect will surround and possibly enmesh us in love and compassion, or idle/fantastic escapism. Meditation and spiritual interests can extend a sense of love and understanding to people and situations that are crazy and destructive.  A flood of feeling or water that has broken through a boundary and is flooding everything in sight could also be something we experience at this time.

Weather problems, with too much water and not enough water, continue to re-sculpt the boundaries of the world. Is it too late to address the global warming problems that are here to stay? Uranus moves from Aries to Taurus on May 15. This brings a strange change in world markets and in world environments. Earthquakes and earth changes will continue, as a dramatic reminder of global warming. We’ve ruined the planet and maybe we can still turn it around.

Chiron moves into Aries on April 17. Fighting, war and technological shutdowns could crystallize.  A biological attack could threaten and paralyze some country, and/or the banks could react with havoc and unpredictable fluctuation this Spring. Aries will begin to deal with a healing crisis from childhood that can help them resolve their rage. Street Fighting Man is a shout out for our Aries friends, now.

Uranus trines Saturn approximately from July-September. Progress and insight can unfold between institutions, established businesses and possibly political groups. The polarized groups of “new and progressive” and “old, tried-and-true, and maybe regressive” will somehow start working together. Each of us can make structural changes wherever patterns have been stuck.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on July 12 is exactly opposite Pluto. This could bring an action that “threatens” the country and could be the “reason” to shut down the election process for awhile. From Summer through the Fall, the something that is coming comes.  It’s a setback we can recover from, but it will take time. It will either involve the chaos of a government exposed, or the havoc that a more tightly-wound government invokes.

Mars is retrograde from June 26 through August 27.  This is that techno-thriller time when our tech-savvy progress could be used against us.  The revolution will not be televised. The Lunar Eclipse New Moon on July 27, with Mars retrograde, will begin to complete the cycle of the Node in Leo. Money will change form. Some sector could lose a part of their wealth. Leos will hit the last sector of deep soul searching.

The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will be with Mars, so it’s possible that a widespread and aggressive tech problem could shut down international transactions. The Moon with Mars square Uranus makes for some destructive accident manifesting as an earth event, a tech attack, or a nuclear episode/accident.

The last of three Eclipses on August 11 is a Solar Eclipse New Moon at 18 degrees of Leo. Mars reenters Capricorn on August 12. Mars will go direct at 29 degrees of Cancer on August 27. The Saturn effect will be in full force. Misuse of power begets powerlessness.   We will be catching up with ourselves until the second week of October.  Chiron goes back into Pisces. Uranus is in a semi-square to Neptune on June 16 and December 15, with a final aspect May 2, 2019. What is alien, escapist or all too real will fight to dominate in the collective psyche.

What is real becomes surreal and what is imaginal will exist as an escape for the toil and trouble that Trump et. al. has wrought. His is a fated energy sent to agitate change and whip up the winds of what will come as the ballast for change in our country, and on our planet, between now and 2020. As the song says, we need to get back to the Garden.

This period brings the remarkable spiritual growth that comes out of a disbelief of the reality that is. The times when we’re most lost come with the opportunity (and need) to reach out to an Unknown.  It’s the best of times, the worst of times.  And all the time in between. You can be happy, be in love, and create great art and business against a backdrop of slow change. It’s an Earth year, so pay tribute and respect to the Earth and all the animals, every day. Safeguard what is yours, and whom/what you are responsible for. All systems will be firing, and you must not lose your cool. Every step will be a razor’s edge of growth, housed within what seems to be a mountain that is unmovable. Dogs are steady, true and loyal no matter what happens or whatever treats you give them. Be faithful to what is best in you.

A special thank you to all my readers through the last year. Your support, comments and appreciation mean a lot to me. All the best to all of you for 2018!

Tanda Tashjian





ARIES ends a 7 year period of anxiety and nerves, not knowing what will come next. Your potential to go beyond transaction in love and relationship is in the forefront this year. You can move into a new way of valuing who and what you have in life, and no longer be at the beck-and-call of other people’s histrionics or mood swings. You might be less attracted to people who are changeable and dramatic. You will come to value and honor more stable and steady forms of love and friendship that don’t go off on the extreme tangents that you once found so fascinating.

Your career will be tip-top, and you will receive rewards for work well done. Re up for another 7 years or plan to slow down in the next few years. As long as you have done the work, you will see the fulfillment of some professional dream. Your income might go up and down and be a little less normative. You will work hard at whatever you do. Friends will go through a re-evaluation, and in love Papa will get a brand new bag. The sudden surprise of love at first sight, or having a different kind of love in your life, will change your past pattern of romance. Agitation with a friend, a colleague or a protocol at work will come between June and late August. Hold your head up high, no matter what gossip starts. Whatever left or disappeared between 2007-2008, either professionally or with some important person, will be reanimated in a new form. Go on a long vacation or retreat where you can sort out your next move. All things come to those who wait.



TAURUS will see your security stabilize from all the toil and trouble of the last 9 years. Saturn will help your higher mind be more serious and effective, in order to choose a far-reaching dream. Something about your career will matter more in terms of freedom and the future. You won’t be so claustrophobic, or feel so stuck. You can look forward to the excitement of a whole new world around art, creativity, your social life, and money; everything about your own nature can express itself more directly. Changes in your daily routine will upset the applecart of expectations.

Transactional aspects in any associations can become less so. You will learn, grow, travel and teach more this year. This is a power year for you to expand financially with a partner, with self, and with real estate. School, a new job or a promotion helps your debt and bank account. Children will be the apple of your eye when they achieve all year. You will consider how some home/professional upheaval might serve you. From May to October, expect the unexpected. Someone close will progress in a way you thought was impossible. Be ready for surprises that you will enjoy. The non-traditional will play out. Go past your security issue and probe deeper into what is love, and allow the golden friendship you have with a mate or special person to strengthen.


GEMINI can breathe a sigh of relief now that Saturn has moved into Capricorn. You can settle up your debts and restructure your big-money house. This year brings a new slate with bookkeeping and legal disclaimers or agreements. Collect on what is owed you and make a money plan for the future. You can release old patterns of childhood trauma; they might get triggered by some deep memories. What went away or broke down in your life ten years ago will have another reminder — only this time you can rebuild what was lost. You can see through the mirage of fortune and fame. Gone are the fantasies from before, about romance and celebrity. Stabilize your work house, and activate the everyday option of expanding your prospects. Relationships need more analysis.

The Nodes bring ego issues with siblings to the forefront. Identity with family can be resolved, and go to a higher vibration. Expect something to surprise you from behind after May. Love might get complicated, or get up and leave. The upset that Uranus brings is often a spiritual lesson in non-attachment. Shortcut this lesson. Someone close needs more help than you can give. Mind, philosophy and travel are pleasurable. You will be tested as to how aligned you are with what you believe. Go it one better and make sweeping changes now in how you express what you’ve learned.  Peace is on the horizon. Sleep might be erratic, meditate more.


CANCER is on to reevaluate your life, identity, relationships and purpose. Some important business or personal relationship might go away or come closer. Look back at what happened 14 years ago and come to some conclusion about whether you want to go forward, correct what is happening, or reap the harvest. Your relationship sector is in for a correction or restructuring. Some family member might slow down or have a health challenge. You might feel alone, tired or challenged by work and responsibility. If you can confront the harshness within, which is often compulsive, you might be able to free yourself from an old pattern of self-deprecation.

You can build on the foundation that went down in 2007-2008. This period will bring some new group of exciting or progressive people into your world. The inspiration to go deeper, mystically, will be stronger and will uplift you from the responsibilities you are shouldering.  After November, you will come into a different theme when dealing with your emotional needs. You will transform a dependence by mastering that within you, which gives in to fears of loneliness. This year will be a time when you can experience positive financial returns on work well done.


LEO is having the focus pulled in some area in your life. Your obsession is moving on to a new subject. You had the Solar Eclipse last August, and have been reeling ever since. Something irrevocably changed. What is going since August, let it go so new things can come. Any new and unexpected opportunities around real estate and property will expand. Your primary question about romance, and who still loves you, will be answered later this year. Saturn-based transactions in your life this year revolve around work relationships. It’s time to reorganize your obligations to more accurately reflect where you are at this point in life, emotionally and financially.

A change with family grows more real as we get through 2018. Your notoriety in a professional area brings unexpected acknowledgement.  Do things from an open heart this year. The loves in your life will have a deep review in May, when you might be surprised when someone from the past reappears and renews old feelings. A tryst will be exciting but short-lived in late Spring.  You are en route to a whole new chapter that starts a new 18+ year cycle.  See giving and receiving as the same, and you will be happy and healthy this year. Animals need checkups and dental attention.  You might do the same.


VIRGO is still fighting the uphill battle. This year you have the blessing of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Things that previously failed will reverse. A trip or holiday will give you enough good vibes to be able to put that Virgo nose to the grindstone. It‘s almost as if the heavens have opened their arms in a blessing, when you are relieved of some heavy burden. You can collect on the last 9 years of hard work if you keep your fantasy life in check, go easy on substance or sugar, and don’t get carried away with every flirtation.

Any transactional behavior in love relationships learned in adolescence will be relived and reviewed in some form. Stronger connections with siblings will bring better feelings in family.  Improved communication brings more respect and depth. You can see returns for your professional work when you align it with a higher purpose. Health still needs purification; the patterns of daily life need to be observed and not become sloppy due to your new found luck. Partners might have some challenge. Your evil twin will become better behaved and not plague you with anxiety.  School and educational opportunities will be fortunate, when you balance patience with practicality.  Try to believe that good things can still happen.


LIBRA experiences Saturn in the fourth house.  A new and perhaps unexpected situation in the home, family or office can influence your financial and emotional resources this year. You will deal with professional changes that might require time to re-establish foundations. Transactions based on unwritten deals will go through a restructuring and correction. More verbal exchange needs to be direct in order to stabilize your income and your power base.

Erratic clients or partners will start to settle down after May. Money should expand after January. Any stress or anxiety around children or love will become more positive when you express from a sincere depth. Uranus going into Taurus in May will hold a special theme for the next 7 years; your emotional life will become more progressive, creative and open. The Nodes after November will focus on new themes of personal fulfillment with your career. You can focus on expanding your sense of gratitude for what you have; be at peace with your inner self.


SCORPIO will find Jupiter bringing opportunities for expansion and travel and more learning. You will awaken to more seriousness of purpose in your mind and heart.  The up-and-down energy in your home will present a new freer lifestyle over the next 7 years. A partner or business partner will bring forward whatever has been hidden that needs resolution.

Your health or energy has been unpredictable. After May, you might explore some alternative health modalities which could help. You need to pace yourself this year. Transactions based on past rivalries with siblings go to a higher level of understanding and communications. You are purifying negative thoughts about self. Take this opportunity to experience the love that is coming to you from family and friends, and count the blessing that is you. You will experience the higher aspect of your inner heart this year. Success will come in the manner that is most important to you.


SAGITTARIUS can sigh with relief. Your past two and a half years has been full of work, patience, consequences and corrections. This year, you will restructure your piggy bank and review all personal transactions that have to do with money. The immediate financial sector needs attention. You can rebalance your resources by looking at what matters to you — not in the sense of obligation, but of the future.  You have divine guidance and protection this year; try to retreat and meditate on what lies beneath and know what is truly deeper.

Your work life or daily routine might go through some unpredictability after May. This year brings an opportunity to transform what has changed so much since 2007-2008. Some sibling situation brings strange or perplexing change. Death and endings take on a different meaning.  Home and family are amorphous and hard to penetrate. You can take some aspect in your world that seemed lost and reanimate it with new life.  The future seems suddenly more possible and beckons.


CAPRICORN has your ruler Saturn in your sign. You are going to understand how the transaction aspect of life rules most of your interactions. You can gently release this old rigid pattern of bottom-lining everything, and move into a new structure from which you can renew value with self and others. Your work and identity will go through a complete change in the next two years. Who am I, what do I want, who do I want to be with? What is worth going forward with from the last 14 years, and how can I renegotiate most everything in my life for the next 14 years?

Pluto has obliterated an aspect of your identity. You can rebuild what was lost or taken away since 2007-2008. Uranus brings more innovation and financial freedom in your life after May. The work and prestige part of you can take a break with friends and with a new kind of group that you will work with. This period can help you allow what is deeper to come forward and not fear humiliation or group judgment. Capricorn wants to be safe within the castle, with the beloved behind the moat. This year, the moat is forged by surprise obligations that are old, profound and karmic.


AQUARIUS has Saturn in your 12th house. You will deal with any secrets or fears that are real or self-created. Transactions that your unconscious got you into will become more apparent. The secret rigidity that you rebel from will be challenged when your unconscious can more freely speak its mind and heart. Conditions that you have put up with for years will dissipate and leave.  A parent or family member may go through a dark night of the soul. What was taken away 10 years ago returns with an intensity that you forgot you had. Your work and career reboot this year if you can move with the energy that comes in January.

Uranus, your ruler, will bring upsets at home or in the family. Some unpredictable aspect will alter some home/office arrangement in May. Real estate values might go way up or down, depending on your timing. The confusion you might feel about personal values needs spiritual inspiration. Your partner will be more accepting of the changes you initiate. Your heart and health come together this year, when you combine some form of yoga and meditation to release the secret harshness that often blocks you. You are coming back from a long period of alienation. Allow the flower in the heart to blossom gently.


PISCES let something go from the last 7/14/21 years. Since December 19, Saturn is now bringing lessons with a friend or group. All associations are going through a review. Any unspoken transaction with friends or groups will get pared down and clearer. Your spiritual identity leans toward more awareness – or escapism. Uranus in Taurus in May brings a new perspective on what haunts you, mentally. Siblings might make an about-face in their love life or financial prospects.  Children or a love brightens with happiness. An authority figure will influence your children (or you), creatively. Face the way you weaken yourself through your fears from a more centered place.

Travel and belief systems will have an influx of power and depth. Your sense of self will be freer in that you realize that you don’t have to satisfy some internal tyrant. You are enough.  Self-judgment about a past mistake needs to go. The connection with an internal benign self brings you closer to the potential for a new dream or hope. Secrets can fade away and financial uncertainty becomes stable when you connect with what you believe in and live by it. Fun in life for you is connecting the dots that no one else can see.


Tanda Tashjian

January 1. 2018





Astrology Mini Newsletter, December 15 -January 1, 2018

Tipping point: The critical point in a situation, process or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes place.  The moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point. (Merriam-Webster, Gladwell)

The New Moon on December 17 at 26 degrees of Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn, Mercury retrograde, and squares Chiron. This configuration brings a tipping point. This New Moon will whip up many of the unresolved events of the last two-and-a-half years into a crescendo of seemingly backward momentum. The ending of a cycle from the last two-and-a-half years (and reminiscent of the last 28 years) makes for a celestial revisit of many of the fears and triumphs, freedoms and hypocrisies of the past.

If in the last few months, you had something not go as planned — some unpleasant or unexpected outcome that came as a surprise, some non development or loss or some bad news; look at this as the parting shot of Saturn’s passing. You can complete the circle of Saturn and go on soon.  Have faith and stand strong, as this too shall pass – hopefully during the next cycle which begins December 19.

That being said, the upcoming period will tip everything one way or the other in some area of your life where things have not gone right – most likely in business, romance or health.  Whatever you have suffered can get ready to change through some signature event that introduces the new chapter. The beginning of Saturn in Capricorn on December 19 presents a departure from what has been to herald what is coming.

This Saturn-ruled sign (Capricorn) will see Saturn trace the same path in the next two-and-a-half years as it did in 2008 as when Pluto began its journey in Capricorn. We will see many things materialize as a result of this transit, much like a stealth bomber making warp-speed changes in finance, government and the environment similar to those that were first introduced by Pluto. Saturn will manifest our deepest fears and ambitions, as a group and individually.

At the same time, Mr. President Trump’s Darth Vader and Mr. Mueller’s White Knight are locked in a death battle that is fated by the stars. Mr. Mueller and Mr. Trump are cast as two cosmic archetypes entwined in an operatic embrace. Mr. Trump has Leo rising, and Mr. Mueller has the Sun in Leo. This kind of combination compels the person with the Ascendant in Leo (Mr. Trump) to fight to the death in order to best the other. Mr. Trump secretly believes that he is equal to and surpasses the ideal of the genuine article. (Mr. Mueller) Trump is the poseur, but Mueller has the Sun sign. Trump’s ego drive is eclipsed by the sheer solar power of Mr. Mueller. The Sun in astrology trumps the ascendant; Mueller will ace Trump. It now depends on the Fates.

Mr. Mueller has Venus in Leo right on top of Mr. Trump’s Mars in Leo by precise degree. This is a traditional passionate combination – hot and heavy, steamy, and full of life/death chemistry.  Mr. Trump will do his best to be angry and threatening, spewing testosterone, but he is bound to be bested by Mr. Mueller. This is the dark and the light of the astrological fight. Mars is will, ego, and combat. Venus, as beauty, love and harmony, triumphs over Mars – but not without a danse macabre .

This dance choreographs the tipping point, starting December 19. This period sees our worst fears clash neck-and-neck with any Jedi dreams. There is that point where things will be unstoppable. And it’s just around the corner.

Mercury goes direct on December 22. Be aware on this day, of what comes to you or goes away. Usually some important, symbolic or pivotal thing changes in your consciousness. The Sun conjoins Saturn on December 21. This day will shed a predictive light on what is to come for the next few years. Watch what comes and what it brings. Observe who comes in or goes out, and what is offered and taken away. Jupiter and Mars together on January 6 goes nuclear around a power move that initiates at his time.

We end the year with a full-on astrology review that could play out around themes of extravagances, gains and losses with money, grey area investments exposed, or some restrictive correction with power and how power is wielded. Something you thought was endless is ending. Saturn leaves Sagittarius with Mercury retrograde and highlights wherever you have played fair (or not by the rules), and where you have tried to get over on life. You might feel that life is getting over on you in some area that you thought was sacrosanct. Fate will wield a strange brew of rewards and debits; be aware of the big movements so that you can meet what comes next with eyes open.

A new chapter begins shortly, where things that were up will be down and people that got away with something might go all out. The truth of a valiant heart gets stronger, as a new beacon lights the way.




ARIES has the ending of Saturn in your 9th house. You can recall many lessons learned and unlearned in the past three years. Something or someone you believed in did not come through as planned, or as advertised. Your sexual/money/mystery life had a big correction when something went flat. This correction was not deadly, but it pinched. You are now onto that part of yourself that floats away on a fantasy cloud and dreams of more whenever you receive less. The New Moon will bring back the greatest hits, so don’t hurt yourself with past mistakes and impulses.

Mars in your 8th house with Jupiter in January inspires a renewed commitment to go deeper and revitalize your identity, in terms of career and home life. You have to give something up in order to heal some old wound. Your passionate self is on the ledge around the New Year. This year can bring the blossom of a flower that holds the secret to liberation. You are about to be freed from crippling yourself with anxiety – the anxiety which comes from your fear of being left, or left alone.


TAURUS has the Saturn finale in your house of life-and-death and crisis. Whatever happened in the last two-and-a-half years rocked your world, and not in the most pleasant way. Something that you didn’t think could happen, happened. You can look at how your belief in faith, goodness and protection are still recovering from whatever was lost or went away. Mars and Jupiter in January helps expand any foundation of strength in your relationship.

This period, the New Moon will take you back down memory lane – but only to review how much growth has come. The love and support from a partner or close friend is present and you are healing. It’s time to put words to your thoughts and dissect what you experienced in order to find a new perspective. Everything goes, and this is one big lesson that came on the tail end of thinking that everything that mattered was locked down. It wasn’t. You’re now aware of a loss of control. It’s time to review what you can believe in. It has everything to do with mortality. Saturn in Capricorn can right whatever is rocky.


GEMINI has Saturn leaving your 7th house, which is a partnership influence.  You have been through a small hell with some in-and-out situation with someone close. This period has brought corrections in many relationships, and you are still reeling. This period allows for a release around that heavy weight that you ‘ve been carrying. Whether it’s money, energy, or responsibility you will shortly feel lighter, brighter and freer. Jupiter and Mars in January can remedy what is going in the wrong direction through introspection and communication.

The New Moon, and Mercury going direct, bring an extensive review of any false starts or limitations of the last few years. You can finally make up your mind about any relationship that is not flowing or carrying its own weight. This is a serious period of summarizing where you do too much and give too much, and how you can rebalance this quality. Health symptoms from nervous strain should start to dissipate soon. Money has been a big issue in many exchanges; you can correct these problems and move on. Saturn moving into Capricorn helps you address the Big Issues in life, death and the Eternal.


CANCER experiences the Saturn change from Sagittarius into Capricorn as a movement from corrections in work life to corrections in relationships. Your past few years brought a deeper work ethic and the need to go slow and build your health back up with endurance and vitality. Any problems are now accentuated and strangely clearer. The New Moon brings a renewed commitment to some work project that is educational or supportive.

Saturn into Capricorn will wake you up from the last 14 years. You need to review your identity and career path. In the next two-and-a-half years, some things will go. You might feel tired and overworked, so take the tempo down a notch now. Any issue with a parent or family member might cause consternation, in terms of their health needing more care and time. You could have some hard-won honors and more work, as a result of what you’ve been doing over the last 14 years. Marriage and partnerships are up for review. Jupiter with Mars the first week of January offers some creative reward that strengthens your resolve to transform from wall flower to rose.     


LEO has Saturn moving from your love/romance house to your work/health sector. If you have remorse for any love lost or gone, you will come to some ending around regret. You can understand the wrong steps you made with some special person and you can correct how you approach and embody an aspect of love that is still stuck in a younger time. The New Moon and Mercury retrograde help you see the particulars of how you made distorted connections in childhood, and how not to repeat them now. Jupiter with Mars during the first week of January sounds the wake up call to expand past any controlling behavior to a more cosmic sense of power.

Saturn moving into Capricorn makes for more awareness of how you might tend to process emotions as a result of sadness or loss. Leo is always ready to seek the hidden Grail or the mythic Unicorn that can face the dragon. You are the dragon and the Unicorn now. This time, go forward into a dark night of the soul and release whatever chains you have clung to; stop punishing yourself over guilt that you’ve carried. Your life/death dramatic opera of heroes and demons just got bigger. Control your appetites around food, sex and spending; they won’t satisfy any hunger unleashed within.


VIRGO has Saturn leaving your 10th house. You have borne a heavy burden, in terms of your career, and learned some new attitude about authority and self-responsibility. You can make a correction from the last 7 years, and initiate a new ideal in order to achieve something big. The confusion in your dreams and fantasy becomes clearer. You know what you need to do to set up the next 7 years to be productive and concrete. Pay attention to the New Moon; something begun at this time can take you well into the next year in terms of productivity. Jupiter and Mars bring the awareness chip full circle in January.

Saturn moving into Capricorn helps you attain that sense of security that is a result of the hard work of the last 9 years. You are going to have some well-deserved breaks. Creative and personal momentum will stabilize. Your hopes for a more prosperous tomorrow are firing on all cylinders. Romance is becoming somewhat more traditional and steady. You can make a difference in your world now by letting go of the fears that have driven you towards past defeats. Courage and optimism make the difference.


LIBRA will experience the ending of any restriction of Saturn in your house of the mind. The word on the edge of your tongue, the decision you cannot make, the resistance you have felt towards any mental change will shortly dissipate. The New Moon with Mercury retrograde brings a review of the last few years, including any pessimistic thinking that has to go. Trouble with neighbors or siblings, reality bites that came out of nowhere, and your feelings of someone not playing fair with you will all come to more peace, shortly. Money will expand and heat up with Jupiter and Mars in January. Take the long view.

Saturn moving into Capricorn makes for the first correction from the last 7 years. In the home or office, you will bring a seriousness to how you comport yourself and hold your boundaries with family and foundation. This period might have you feeling more tired or running behind in terms of time, energy or resources. Some professional connection has changed and is coming up short. Your home life and family are stabilizing, and what was once new becomes a little tried but still true. Your normal diplomatic self will be a little edgy. You might speak up more for yourself in the home/family. Love is made up of loyalty and devotion.


SCORPIO has Saturn moving from your house of resources to the mind. If you felt undeserving and tense about money or your assets, your feelings will change. The time you took to analyze your strengths and weaknesses will not be wasted. The New Moon in your 2nd house, with Mercury retrograde, makes for the finale of understanding how to improve your sense of self by letting the past be in the past. The last few years has made you feel impoverished in some way. Jupiter and Mars in January offer the potential vista of healing wherever you have felt weakened.

Saturn moving into Capricorn makes your mind serious. You will be able to apply yourself to any task or project that you have previously avoided. Your discipline and capacity to concentrate can grow. Misunderstandings with siblings can move to become more helpful through mutual support. Short trips and educational forays open the door to a new world.


SAGITTARIUS can hail the end of Saturn. For the last two-and-a-half years, you have felt burdened, heavy, old and serious to the point of screaming or surrendering. This period sees Saturn leave Sagittarius, and you will feel the shift immediately; optimism about the future will be reinvigorated. You will feel like you have a future. Jupiter with Mars in January gives protection to that part that rushes in without the angels.

The New Moon with Mercury retrograde makes you see the wisdom in what you have learned. You have a new identity, a new work ethic and a new relationship ideal. Your “deadly-serious self” will morph into your “fun self” once again. Saturn in Capricorn makes your funds and resources more limited. You will reevaluate what you value in the next few years. You might want to pull back on your financial base. This issue will become more central in your motivation. You can relax and return to that laughing lampshade personality that you feared was gone forever. It’s back.


CAPRICORN will see Saturn move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn. Any fears and insecurities which haunted you in the past few years now move into center place. You will be able to understand what it is that holds you back from achieving the success and prestige that you long for. Saturn in Capricorn brings you into prominence with some work project that you are just beginning. Whatever you have done in the last 14 years will either end or you will re-up. This goes for relationship, identity issues and professional alliances. You are at a loss as to why things have gotten so hard in some prime area of your life. Jupiter and Mars bring a good support system or friend in high places in January.

The New Moon with Mercury retrograde makes for a deep review of how you hold yourself back. You can get a sense of the subconscious part that self-sabotages through guilt, lack of self-esteem and self-admonishment. Father or some key male figure might go through a health or aging issue. Watch out for bone, teeth and joint problems in the next few years. Relationships will become more structured as you return to the more natural reserved nature that you feel secure with. Try to allow your ambition to inspire and not thwart you.


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your house of friendship along with Saturn leaving Sagittarius. Your group of friends has gotten tighter and smaller. Some work associations have gone by the wayside and probably didn’t prove to be so great, even after all the self-promotion. Your ideals concerning group endeavors have been tested and need a reboot. Jupiter and Mars see the end of some professional activity only to reanimate on a deeper more encompassing plane during the first week of January.

You can move into a new groove with your unconscious. Saturn in Capricorn can provide a good crucible. All the fears and reservations you have about your gifts (and if you’ll ever get the chance to utilize them) will be faced and dealt with. You feel a little abandoned on a desert island with yourself and some plans. Your social whirl is not so active. It’s a good time to be still, and consult from within. The movement you are looking for will come in time. It’s not only about going at the speed of light. Love is a concept that needs time, space and understanding. Self-love goes hand in hand with acceptance.


PISCES has the New Moon and Mercury retrograde in your 10th house. Issues revolving around authority, career and a parent are paramount now. You are leaving something behind that disappointed you. The last 7/14/21 years are the timeline. You have been worried, sad or provoked by the thing you had such hope for, which is now ending. You can be ready to let go, yet you cannot believe what happened or didn’t happen. The illusion of any happy ending is an illusion. Jupiter with Mars can help you act on your beliefs with passion during the first week of January.

Saturn going into Capricorn makes for more structure. Friends and colleagues will have a review, and some might not make the cut. The most challenging lesson now is the lesson that comes through the people that you thought you could trust and would stick around forever. Now you can confront what is not working, and no longer have to keep the ball rolling. This period is a rediscovery of what your ideals and dreams really are. You thought they were about something grand or mind-blowing. It’s really the simple and everyday cup of coffee, the walk around the block, or the sleeping dog next to you that’s where it’s at. Try to not be in love with a dream of life. Let Fate lead you to the next chapter with eyes wide open. People often fail each other, it’s you that keeps you together.

Tanda Tashjian

December 15, 2017


Mini Astrology Newsletter, December 1-15, 2017

We are currently in a double-down time. Everything that happens in the next three weeks will have a sticky trickle down effect. It’s all connected. First one thing, then another will ricochet to yet another. Watch what you sign and agree to, and what you say to people — especially in close or business relationships. There is plenty of room for misinterpretation at every turn. If there is some legal/ diplomatic issue, it will get turned around, up and down, back and then around again. Nothing will be straightforward, and nothing will be as it seems.

Mercury is poised to go retrograde December 2, at the last degree of Sagittarius with Saturn. Mercury then goes all the way back to where it was mid-November.  Talk about back tracking. Saturn, at the end of Sagittarius, brings back the tests and challenges from the last two-and-a-half years to finally be settled. All the things we as a group have grappled and been tested with about foreigners and immigration and the Courts, religion, belief systems and Foreign Power will get more confused.  And if that’s not enough, the Full Moon in Gemini on December 3 makes for more misunderstandings; it’s a Tower of Babel month that goes on yapping. Try to stay centered in truth no matter what happens.

What people say at this time, they won’t mean and won’t remember. There will be an aggressive explosion of energy around December 1. Whichever way it goes, there will be anger and volatility. If someone lights a fire, that fire could spin out of someone’s control. The Korean Nuclear Holiday Event will feature a lot of breath holding amidst red bows. It might explode into senseless threats and stances. The seductive power of being right will rattle many sabers. It will be a provocative time internationally, nationally and on many personal fronts. Watch out what you say to people who are on the edge. Most everyone is on some edge. Mars goes into Scorpio on December 9, and deepens resentments amidst betrayals and power grabs.

Because of Mercury going retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, there is a lot of dancing around actions and words spawned out of pride and being “right”. Mr. President Trump’s Moon in Sagittarius will be crossed by Mercury; he might spout words and then eat them and then regurgitate them in a newer form. He won’t make any sense, as his emotional inner life continues to tilt at windmills that lurch and spin, trying to justify himself as a hero. Any unfinished or unresolved business from the last two-and-a-half years will come back and double down in confused and distracted reasoning.

Your personal life and good intentions will be confused somewhere by someone. You might find your words and motivations twisted, misunderstood and taken to task over a deal, a job completed, or a good faith offer. Something you hoped for might end up as inconsequential. This period is a good time to reflect on what you learned in the last few years around your belief system — including how you embody, respect and represent what you internally believe, and whether you truly want freedom and at what cost. You might discover that any areas where you’re confused about freedom could conflict with another’s rights. How to come to balance with yourself and the world?

Why can’t we all just get along? This mantra of Rodney King’s came in the midst of a barrage of confusion. A similar confusion might reign over many sectors. The Markets will be up and down, and then see a big correction in mid-Spring.  Mr. Mueller’s investigation will turn cartwheels, faster and faster, to get in on a grand slam before Trump lights things up. It’s a difficult wager. Sagittarius rules not only the art of the deal, but high risk.  Will you gamble with your heart, your pocketbook, or your mind. The period coming will go down as one failure of communication after another. Hopefully the risk factor will not wipe out the truth.

Something started at this time will not get put back in the box so easily. Smoke and mirrors will confuse even the conjurors. Jupiter in Scorpio has to do with things destructive and toxic. It also rules over transformation and healing. Our society could choose to go one way or another, as Pluto approaches its own South Node in January. It’s a heavy-handed time in all readings of life. The karmic implications of taking down any patriarchy will react with blow-back. The powermongers will play another game of musical chairs, but they will get caught up in something that they could not imagine playing out the way it will play.  

Is it impeachment, resignation, abdication or hellfire and brimstone damnation? Appeal to the inner heart in each person your life touches. Remember a prayer for peace can still be heard, echoing down a corridor on this mysterious eve of destruction.




ARIES has the Full Moon in your house of siblings. Recently renewed conversation with siblings and thoughts about fairness can come back to be parsed and understood from a different perspective. You are in the process of being able to forgive those who have misunderstood you. Your family fortune and any conflict about debt or responsibility starts to settle down. Mars in Scorpio on December 9 focuses you on intensity, sexuality and power in your daily life.

You are dealing with home and family, and trying to communicate better. The end of Saturn in Sagittarius requires you to examine higher thoughts and beliefs, and see if you can align with them in daily life. Someone might be pushing you. Any unfinished business or learning about what is right, returns for a final review.


TAURUS has the Full Moon in your house of money. Some deal or proposal might come back from the last few years in a new form. You are in the midst of deciding if you will accept the option or forget about it. Your partner is also going back-and-forth with a pivotal commitment or decision. You are impatient and want to be taken seriously by family or siblings. Mercury retrograde with Saturn has you returning to some crisis, and finding more wisdom or insight. You can resolve something that was too difficult in the past through introspection. After December 9, Mars makes the partner impassioned with something about you.

The test of time is being tested in your mind and your heart. There might be a recent decision that did not go right. You have the option of responding with optimism.  Your partner or client is rethinking some choice that can affect you. This period brings confusion about what is right, and how to go about fulfilling your own needs without raining on someone’s parade. Take the long view.


GEMINI has the Full Moon in your first house.  Your partner is revisiting a problem from the last few years. They are trying to come to a different point of view that is bigger and more benevolent, which could sway you. Prosperity with money or values has recently changed.  Misunderstandings with family or siblings from the past might return and need more discussion. Take the time to communicate your feelings with patience. Be fair to everyone and yourself.

After December 9, Mars makes the workplace become more intense about power dynamics. As a result, your work conditions improve. You can correct any health or diet lapses in the meantime. If you feel lost about something or someone, you can see the light during the Full Moon so as not to proceed blindly. Your emotions have changed towards someone close; look at the last 14 years to see if you want to go on. The end of this Saturn period with Mercury retrograde brings a pivotal insight about a partner, client or potential relationship after December 19th. You will keep thinking about this through the beginning of January when you come to a conclusion.


CANCER has the Full Moon in your 12th house. Some hidden issue will emerge, with a lot of confusion and misunderstanding. You are going to go through a process of change with something that you thought was a sure thing. Work and health issues light up and need more time off to recover. You can vent at someone internally, but transact with diplomacy no matter how ignorantly someone behaves. Make the Saturn connection between work, health and negative feelings.

Mars in Scorpio on December 9 makes career more creative and enjoyable. Your hidden agenda around power or retaliation can be balanced by empowering yourself, and not at another’s expense. Whatever impacts your environment or your body will need to go back-and-forth and deeper, in order to heal at the source. You can see how far you’ve come in this period. You will want to be alone with your thoughts or your process throughout much of the next two weeks. Don’t over-schedule.

LEO has the Full Moon in your house of friendship. The back-and-forth of Mercury revolves around past love and romance, and secrets withheld. You might be reminded of a friend that you loved, or who loved you, but things never got off the ground. The idea of a second chance or revisit will intrigue you. Try to redirect any sadness or grief in your heart to heal and open the heart. Saturn has brought a profound and painful healing around love that can help you move on to greener pastures.

The home or property will expand or increase in value. Your family life will be more hopeful when Mars goes into Scorpio on December 9 and increases the motivation to unclutter your home or office. Your career can now focus on some deeper purpose or insight and kickstart a new project or business. You are looking for that special Grail again — on the road and in your dreams.


VIRGO has the Full Moon in your house of career and authority. Some professional issue from the last six months comes to a head amidst a lot of confusion and mixed messages. You must allow everyone to have their say. Any lost or victim mentality that you resort to is not helpful now. Saturn says let go of what burdens you. Your time seems to be eaten up by work or projects that are not paying off, but will in about 6 months.

Start a new goal or dream, and don’t deliberate about what you want. This time can bring a huge relief, emotionally, when you release any fears or trauma from the past two-and-a-half years about Father or authority.  Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio activate your mind to redirect your energy to a better and more concrete purpose, untainted by fear or paranoia. You are in a sometimes confusing 14-year healing process with a partner and you are almost halfway through. Take heart and relax with healing waters, animals or spiritual processing.   


LIBRA has the Full Moon in your 9th house of higher consciousness. You will understand some important aspect about your belief system and revisit philosophical, spiritual or psychological ideas. You need to be in harmony with what you believe. With Mercury retrograde and with Saturn you can work yourself into a lather about not that much. Control the mind with consciousness. This can benefit everything on all planes — physical energy, emotional peace, mental over thinking, spiritual loneliness and prosperity. Your money aspect promises to expand shortly, after you make adjustments in pessimistic thinking during this Mercury retrograde.

After December 9, Mars in your 2nd house together with Jupiter bring both the spending and making aspect of money. Look past the disappointments in past relationships and design a new strategy for living that could include happiness with another. This happiness could be defined by who or what makes you feel closer to God or a Higher Self. Make the most of this mentally rigorous time and be open to a new source of business.


SCORPIO has the Full Moon in your house of life and death. Something comes to a head from the last six months, and you might ruminate about it through January. Your values and what matters to you will need to be revisited. Any improvements in health and well-being can expand by coming up with a new plan for the next 12 years. You will be energized after December 9, when Mars enters Scorpio.

The ending of Saturn makes you understand that money is not everything. A revolution in your thinking and speaking comes from a deeper and more emotional place. Trouble with a home or the family can be put to rest through peace in the heart. You can have a remarkable awareness shift when seeing from a different perspective. Make exercise and yoga a breakfast of champions.


SAGITTARIUS has the Full Moon in your 7th house. Any decision you have agonized about during the last few years involving a partner, a project or a business representative will be back-and-forth and back again during Mercury retrograde. The ending of Saturn in your sign on December 19 will relieve the sluggish progress of the last few years. You will feel lighter, more energized and more confident shortly. After Mercury finishes its transit, you will be able to address how you have been fooled, restricted or scared in some way by another or yourself.

You are on the brink of a whole life change. Your business and health will awaken, as if from a deep sleep. But first, Mars in your 12th house from December 9 might make sleep fitful. Hatch a plan and then go out to the world live after January 26. Investigate how you got yourself into anything that you want to get out of. Money is not the answer.


CAPRICORN has the Full Moon in your house of work and health. This period brings a culmination around the secret life of your work world. Why do things get stalled or go backward when you do your best to move everything forward? This question intensifies any past thinking or complaints about why your work and health sector go slower than everyone else’s. The hidden truth will emerge in the next month-and-a-half when you resolve any hidden impatience with yourself and another.

Saturn at the end of your 12th house brings a new start in your personal life. The conscious building up of strength and prestige in your work strategy brings more bounty in the future. The fear you have about going backwards makes the fears manifest. Do not beat yourself up or punish yourself for things said or unsaid. You can examine the undercurrent of your subconscious in the next 6-8 weeks and find a clue to open the vault that seemed sealed shut. Let what is going, go.


AQUARIUS has the Full Moon in your house of love and children. Maybe you can unlock your heart when you review your dreams and hopes. You are on the precipice of resolving whatever has blocked you in the last few years. You want to be productive and positive in your daily life, so give yourself the gift of approval while you exercise, meditate and function. Healing from something or someone that is gone will bring peace in the heart that is missing. The inner child still hurts.

Saturn makes the circle of friends and colleagues a little smaller. Your normally open and free-spirited way of behaving has become more conservative. You are discovering how friendship ebbs and flows. Sometimes people are not who they seem to be. Any disappointment cuts deep and needs attention. Hidden rigidity gets you nowhere.  Try to flow with the river that keeps changing its course.


PISCES has the Full Moon in your house of the home and family. You will go back-and-forth this month trying to figure out what just happened. Mercury retrograde with Saturn brings the finale of the last few years and shows you where you need to let something go. The disappointment is huge, but it is also the result of the last 7/14/21 years and the ideals, dreams and hopes that you have forgotten.

If your Father or any significant authority affected your psyche negatively through their behavior, you need to review it. If you are living in someone’s shadow, you can try to understand how you are compensating for feeling idealized or abandoned. Let the ghost go, and get moving on a new journey.  Neptune allows the mist to settle and reveal the truth: you are stronger than that delicate blade of grass that often feels walked over. Life and death needs a philosophy to work with, as a model for children who are scared or moody. Try to simply perceive the things you withdraw from. You will feel more hopeful about the future after December 19th when Saturn changes signs.


Tanda Tashjian

December 1, 2017



Astrology Mini Newsletter, November 15 – December 1, 2017

Who will make the first move? On the eve of the New Moon in Scorpio on November 18, and in the dark of that Moon beforehand, many and more come forward with the same story. Scorpio has to do with secrets and sexuality and the darkness of the human spirit. It has to do with the need to subjugate another through power, and the force of making someone do something against their will. Pluto in Capricorn rules rot in government and whatever is rotting in the structures of society. Scorpio could be the deep dark dank world of an unexamined psyche, couched in platitudes and compelled by a cruelty that acts out from obsessive inadequacy without limit.

The patriarchy has had its share of success on the backs of others less powerful.  Pluto becomes the Kali that washes over everything, making it clean again. How will Pluto transform this time?

On the planet, in the country, in the government, in your office and in your family, this wave of energy will pick up momentum as the first square of the August Eclipse that predicated Mr. President Trump’s fall makes another undeniable aspect on November 20-23. Something wicked this way will come.

The New Moon in Scorpio, with Jupiter, magnifies whatever it touches. This New Moon features Mars squaring Pluto.  Power could steamroll something or someone. Mars as anger, violence and sexuality will be hiding out in Libra. In a square with Pluto, the frustrated Beast might roar and growl. There could be some major power grab that signs like a rabbit jumping out of hat. Whether it’s the Tiny Korean, the Alabama miniature Cowboy, or Mr. President Trump, a form of a character assassination will tie its bow in Scorpio. The machinations of darkness will expand and, if left unchecked, will absorb more light. The media will roil.

Meanwhile Neptune goes direct on November 22. Mercury is in the shadow of its retrograde until December 2. The Dance goes on. Some untruth or feint comes to light. With Mars and Venus and Jupiter all in the New Moon 12th house, we will see a secret enemy emerge;  at first speaking with a honeyed tongue, and then striking around December 3.

In individual lives, you will want to get close to someone. Security, intimacy and power will float around in many relationships. Any humiliation because of need reveals who holds the power by November 19. Don’t get in a conflict with the Beanstalk to your Jack at this time. Your desirous nature will be amped up around money, power, affection, and the compulsion that fuels it. If you are obsessed with another, be aware that obsession revs up in the next two weeks. Baby obsessions with ice cream or crackers will probably not be a problem, but anything that can go out of control will.

Saturn at the end of Sagittarius, with Jupiter in Scorpio, makes the hidden secrets of a culture become bigger, more apparent and played out on the public stage. The Saturn finale makes the suffering and burdens of the last two-and-a-half years (especially for Sagittarius and Gemini) be reviewed and then begin to be integrated by the end of the year. Your belief systems, money and sense of innocent prosperity can be safe and protected in the invisible world. Don’t take a flyer now, but if there is anything you want to try out or experiment with in business or education, identify it now and then try it after the New Year. Children will finalize school or professional choices. Someone may get called out. A navigational function could blow out, blow up, or malfunction.

News will be made by the end of the year as the takedown gets closer. The pin in the political grenade is already set, no matter who is still around to pull the plug. The question is, will time run out before the charade trips itself up into a splatter of mess? Will the Big Daddy and his ego outbid everything and make a Thelma and Louise leap out of reality? December 1st might bring a whopper of an event.

Watch the first three days after November 18, to see which way the wind will blow. Mars and Pluto will seal the devil’s deal. You can make a difference. Meditate for protection, peace and tranquility on November 18. The invisible world is listening. And it can help.





ARIES will see the beginning of a new attitude with intimacy and feelings of need. You will be pushed by some passive-aggressive situation into a big yawing scream. You might wake up and want to shut up that nagging, needy child within. But wait, the writing is on the wall. Try something new….transform that rage which turns back onto itself, ouroboros -like, into a great big beautiful snake that stretches out and up through the chakras as a big, beautiful kundalini experience.

Your ambition will be rekindled. You can redirect this secret rage into a healing mode that will remake your energy field and accomplish something big. Money and romance will awaken to a new day. It’s your time to experience love on a different plane. Don’t get provoked by a feeling of powerless frustration by what is beneath you.


TAURUS has the New Moon in Scorpio, opposed your sign. You feel either incredibly attracted to — or angered by — the other, the mate, the client or partner. This Plutonic moment will escalate to some kind of showdown; use your energy to avoid getting agitated by some minor player or detail. Do not build a gripe into an obsession. You can transform the energy that is aggravating you by being true to your higher self. Don’t roll around in the mud, no matter how tempting. Repressed anger can make you feel tired.

Mars will rev you up about something. Anxiety or anger will be heightened by brooding negativity. Try to let any dream about school, travel and the future be positive. Don’t look for trouble by overthinking and playing out your fears. Your partner is about to come into some real money or opportunity. Be that smiling being who is a source of support, love and benevolence to all.  Your seat is about to get upgraded.


GEMINI has the New Moon in your house of work and health. A personal or family money theme that has been challenged and repeated finds a new outlet. Some additional work or new concept about work will bring prosperity in the New Year. Your romantic self/inner child wants more joy and fun in life. Undone by looming debts and/or memories of some childhood ordeal when something died in you, you can change the pattern now by reaching for a new outlet and growing it into something that will bloom. Your current frustration with another’s demands can overwhelm any romantic moment.

It seems harder than ever to let go lately. The ending of Saturn will restructure any unresolved past with a family member or partner. Your work world will be more fun than you are expecting. There is a new person on the forefront who sparks your imagination and creativity. Try to relax when you want to blow your top, and breathe. The finale of Saturn will bring a debut into a new kind of society.


CANCER has the New Moon in your house of love. Your hidden conflict revolves around the anger and guilt you have repressed around a passive-aggressive person close to you. Any similarly dark manipulation by a partner’s unconscious can enrage you. This period makes it very clear that you undo your wellbeing when you run away from difficult feelings.

This period wants a new life that loves and respects the inner child. Your emotional self hides away from those unpleasant feelings because there is a sugar frosting of serenity on top. You must dive deep and release this part that taints the simplicity of experiencing what is all around you. Your need to do some work around a house, property or family foundation is complicated by a partner’s grand plans. Do not fight with the Other, but harmonize with them. Don’t discount or disappear yourself. Try exercise to release that pent up feeling.


LEO has the New Moon in your house of the home and family. You might experience an ending and a new beginning with a family issue or a current household. The undercurrent of conflict you are feeling is between your unconscious and conscious spoken awareness. Be aware of what you are working on, working with, or processing. This period makes you open up to be more loving, yet a recent past experience makes you suspicious and perhaps jealous or untrusting of what is offered.

Your proud and regal spirit can be intense now. Yet you feel humbled by some recent failure that has little to do with you. You can resolve what you cannot understand with your mind by opening your heart. Saturn leaving your 5th house makes for a finale of past loves that have been lost. Dry your eyes and remember the good times, not only the hard ones. Your conflict on the New Moon could make your secret life more secret. Don’t give into feelings of powerlessness. Walk or go on a long drive to fend off the frustration.


VIRGO has the New Moon in the house of mind. Your new beginning has to do with monitoring self-talk, and how you unconsciously subordinate yourself with criticism and harshness. This actually undermines your earning power. Self-esteem issues operate in a passive-aggressive manner, hiding any feelings of shame, anger, negativity and hopelessness. The conflict between your values and the way your inner child felt unloved or under acknowledged repeats on a loop.

Saturn can make the alienation from family or the attachments of the past get in the way of progress. Don’t stagnate with any new business dealings. You can chase your tail with fantasies and dreams. Stick to what is real and on your plate. The expansion of your capacity to communicate from a newly regenerated place involves good feelings about life and self. Colleagues can be a source of frustration or team work. Bring everyone together by inspiring them with your vision, not your critique.


LIBRA has the New Moon in your house of finances. During this period, you can identify where and when you are/have been the object of a passive-aggressive bully. This poses a problem for you because it repeats the patterns of a childhood where you were undervalued and had to keep the peace by overdoing and over giving. You can identify this pattern and resolve it now.

Any emotional attachment to a career objective, or person, can translate into a money trap. Don’t get stuck on one opportunity or person. There are many, many more. You can see the horizon of a new profession or business plan after some money source slows down. Seriousness with siblings, or making a decision about a family crisis, could awaken a patriarch in you. Deal from the heart, not from a rigid show of power.


SCORPIO has the New Moon on your Sun. You can have a rebirth of purpose and identity. Any shortfall comes from an unconscious need to aggress or punish yourself. Don’t trip yourself up with guilt just when things are going well. This is a result of trying to cope with feeling ignored or unimportant in a childhood fueled by mini-crises. You didn’t get enough when you were attended to by a harried, overworked or overextended parent. You might feel bad about it all.

The family thing was an on-again, off-again experience. Alienated from your tribe, you are forever in search of the truest love. Yet you know that love must come from the self. Don’t get stuck in the past; join the future in the now. Your year can be one of expansion, love and healing if you don’t insist on bringing yourself down. Health and work can make for an uphill sprint. Pluto and Mars make you a powerful force to be reckoned with and/or bring a reckoning with your unconscious.


SAGITTARIUS has the New Moon in your 12th house. Your unconscious desire nature is a source of hidden fragility now. You feel abandoned, lost or disempowered. You might feel like someone has beaten you down, or that your own psyche is not on your side now. Some mutual/partner money thing is not going all that well. Try to whistle a happy tune.

Mars squared by Pluto can make a friend, group or colleague throw some passive-aggressive curveball. Don’t let it bring you down; it’s a lame power grab or act of jealousy. Your need to be strategic with communication might bug you. This period is the dank and cold time before the dawn. Saturn is getting out of your sign on December 19; you can do the last lap of loneliness and sparse pickings, no problem.  You have hidden protection from the invisible world. Things are about to look up if you can look them in the face.


CAPRICORN is slogging through more mud. You are feeling the residual effects of your fears and heartache of the last few years, and you are about to have the beginning of a two-and-a-half year review of the last 14/28 years. This Saturn move will begin December 19. In the meantime, the New Moon will help you to see and understand the degree of trustworthiness in friends and colleagues that surround you. Scorpio has to do with betrayal and Machiavellian moves. You are sitting on the precipice of something or someone that has gone away, or not acted right. A new day comes, and you can put your anger, exuberance and ego to the test. Redirect your feelings by disciplining the part of you that wants to stop all the music.

Mars squaring Pluto makes you the object in your profession of someone’s antagonism or secretly passive-aggressive behavior. You are tasked astrologically with creating a new strategy to deal with your disappointment in life. Something has not gone your way; rather than feel annihilated, you can be resourceful. Marshall your gifts to try another path. You are a relentless goat that can deal with anything. Patience, perseverance and an iron will can make gold out of any lead.


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your house of career and Father. There is detachment and a new beginning in your life now. This is a major time to release what is going, and allow another more appropriate opportunity to come. Mars and Pluto make for a fated challenge that comes out of the unconscious. Your belief in self needs to separate from your Father’s (or some authority’s) assessment of you. They are sending mixed signals about support and inadequacy. Be clear about your plan, without depending on others for too much support. You have until May to move towards an innovative goal. It’s your pride working overtime when you go off into uncharted waters and prove you can keep your head above it all.

Your anxiety about the immediate future is balanced by a new spark. Whatever happened recently might be a big price to pay; yet this recent loss will bring a new source of empowerment. Partnership is a blessing. You are loved and supported, but you also need to love and support yourself. Stop spinning the wheels in your head. Maybe you got on a ride that wasn’t really going where it said it was.


PISCES has the New Moon in the house of faraway places of the mind and of the spirit. You can feel the need to be patient and strong now, as a shaky situation shakes more. Any issue involving money, family, power or death will receive a jolt. This power jolt revolves around you reacting to something that you don’t want to do or feel. Don’t be pushed by a friend or group, however softly, into betraying yourself. The internal void you live with wants a respite, so don’t be in a hurry to fill it up.

Guilt, and the shiny machination of others, are no good for you to dabble in. Your momentum now needs to be stable and not derailed by self. This period brings a wipeout for many; a wipeout of values, hopes, dreams — all sinking to a quicksand place. You can be a leader and bring a kind of love that is unconditional, to accept and forgive those that don’t wish you so well. Children and the inner-self will be watching.  This is a time to utilize the inner resources of whatever you have worked on. Be more helpful by empowering yourself no matter what seems to surround you. Mistakes can be resolved by insight and time.  Cultivate the spiritual guidance within to help rise above any hysteria.


Tanda Tashjian

November 15, 2017

Astrology Mini Newsletter for November 1-15, 2017

And it gets curiouser and curiouser… Things will move very fast, at a dizzying rate, and then thud to a stop. Then start up again inexplicably. This reflects a resistance to accepting that the country is not so much changing, but is changed.

With Uranus hurtling towards the end of its transit in Aries, the blind rage of the group over what has gone or lost or “has been taken over by others and needs to be put back” is like the blind rage of an animal that finds themselves caged with no escape.  Wild and inflamed by everything, some will keep banging their heads on a door that is already locked. More domestic terrorism may appear in the mid-section of the country, as the Voice of all those ignored and made fools of will scream louder. Somewhere in the lower world, the lesser demons whoop and clap.

The Mars frenzy of both rage and terror makes for some potent opposition. The two halves will square off into further extremes until something blows. The impeachment movement and the Mueller probe will intersect with WikiLeaks and Russia. This theme will build to a crescendo, which could ignite the accelerated taunting of Korea, as Mr. President Trump wigging out, blows the top off the box.   

December brings Saturn moving into Capricorn. We could see more government in a repressive Big Daddy regime or Humpty Dumpty could fall off his ledge. The period we are in now will be known as the Time Before. An act of God in the form of nature could still stop the inevitable. The same old routine of the day — breakfast, lunch, kids, school, work – continues on, and nothing much seems to change… But soon we will come right up against a decisive event, seemingly out of nowhere, and our same-old will be a thing of the past. And we’ll be stuck.

Mars in Libra seems to want peace, but plays a passive-aggressive game. Blend this with the Full Moon’s Venus opposed by Uranus, and Pluto approaching the transit of its own South Node, and you get a deadly cocktail. The Full Moon on November 3 could be the beginning of some incongruous mixology. Watch out, as many will feel the onset of the vapors and not be able to cope at all. Remember, Scorpio deals with secrets, byzantine strategies, betrayal and hidden motivations. Pluto accommodates this, in your personal life, as you will see others in a different and truer light by how they respond to what keeps happening. The usually placid and affectionate Venus, ruler of this Full Moon is opposed by the erratic and volatile Uranus in warrior Aries. What disruption could happen that would blow up what was supposed to be safe and secure and implacable forever?

Romance and couples will play this energy out in their relationships. Some will go to sleep, some will have another beer, some will stay later at work, some will find a distraction and some will take on the challenge of seeking and speaking the truth. 1984 and Blade Runner are strange bedfellows, and will produce a weird offspring in 2018. This period will resemble a blind descent into some long-term  depression without anyone realizing that we have actually slid down the stairs awhile ago.

On a lighter note, you can fall more deeply in love with someone who has a secret, or is not truly free, or you can invest in something short range that will pay off in a way you didn’t expect. Virgo and Pisces will experience this on a big scale. Aries and Libra are looking for some relief from a big dose of unendurable stress. Taurus and Scorpio are looking for a way out or in while Capricorn and Cancer try to make their home and career more stable. Leo and Aquarius dream of greener pastures and Sagittarius and Gemini are closer to being able to put their burdens down for another 28 years.

Mercury starts its shadow on November 15 (before going retrograde on December 2nd) so watch what goes awry, and don’t buy a car or computer; it will take through January 11 to put anything right. If you are traveling, you might experience more arcane hoops to jump through as there could be some kind of terrorist or group travel event in the sky or on the ground. Some Mickey Mouse attack at the White House might shake up the security system. You could see the Markets dip and leap when someone exposes a secret life.

The ending of some large-scale business flirtation will come, and see two big-time companies merge. The Scorpio money aspect of death and taxes might get traction, but will do nothing for the major part of the group. Remember, it’s Chinatown, Jake, and the corporation is the New God.

December’s Big Time is already beginning.  It’s one way or the other, as we all quietly wait.




ARIES has The Full Moon in Taurus, in your 2nd house. Values and money now revolve around love and it’s opposite. Your ruler in the 7th house with Venus opposed by Uranus makes for a lot of desire. Frustration is amplified by the way that money and love don’t come out right. A passive-aggressive friend or romance is going first in one direction, then another. Mostly it’s in your head. Your yang nature wants to stoke the fire, but the fire is out or burning very low. You are inflamed with passion one day, and comatose the next.

Jupiter in Scorpio makes your desirous nature feel restricted. You have to work overtime to get anything you want (the way you want it). As Saturn leaves Sagittarius (in December), you have a respite from the hopelessness of the last few years. You will be relieved next May, when Uranus leaves Aries. The erratic great/not-so-great experiences of the last 7 years saw anger and freedom get confused with romance and sex. This problem will be resolved by May, if not sooner. Money is another thing.


TAURUS has the Full Moon in your sign. The accent is now on you, in your social and work circle. You are reviewing the loves and losses of the last few years. If you have had a curveball surprise in the last few years, you can now get a handle on the problem in real terms; even if it’s not completely solved, it can be resolved internally. Siblings are emotionally unavailable or actively making problems. With Venus opposed by Uranus you might feel one way one day and the opposite the next. Communication might be spotty because of being in a whole new place around love.

Your partner can have some kind of expansion and positive forward movement. A desire to travel, or go higher in your view of how you perceive things, will benefit you. Mars stirs up the work/therapy house, so some healing can take place if you are still inflamed by anger or ego. Competition will have to be put on the back burner.  Venus goes into Scorpio on November 7, so your secret or intimate life can go deeper and become more intense. Your love nature is devoted and committed. This next cycle allows for work, life and love to come together beautifully.


GEMINI has the Full Moon in your 12th house. You could have some secret exposed, and your emotional nature can become more awakened. Venus in your 5th and then 6th house creates a transition from pleasure to service, either with romance or love for a child. You will help someone who is having a health challenge or psychological issue during this period. A friend at work will need a favor. Venus and Uranus on the Full Moon day makes some friend act crazy or dramatically.

Jupiter in your 6th house can help improve your work and health habits. This is intensified by Pluto, which brings out family problems and deeply felt issues. A blindsided surprise from your family closet could bring some mystery and confusion. Saturn leaves your 7th house in December, and brings a sigh of relief. Other people will go back to being more harmonious and less burdensome. You can have a nice day-trip or a longer voyage, after you deal with the parent/authority that bugs you. Kids and pets are happy and well fed. A new car or gadget will bring joy.

CANCER has the Full Moon in your house of friendship. The attachment that you originally experienced as an innocent child becomes less idyllic and more real. Your emotional world might get rocked due to a release of long-held fears about the object of your affections. You can see your reflection from a different vantage point. You can let go, and view everything with more detachment, which will slowly move towards harmony. The Venus/Uranus opposition during the Full Moon makes for stressors with the family and career with something that turns out to be a surprise or an inspiration.

Mars is exciting something in the home, household or family system. This eruption might interrupt your professional life or your concept of authority. You can be original in your money or business ideas now, with a new idea that comes from some personal creative identity. This concept could spark a fortunate movement that allows you more precious time and freedom. Wouldn’t that be nice?


LEO has the Full Moon in your house of career and the public. Your unconscious or secret self will shortly be flooded with emotional memories that you had forgotten. You can fight the wave, but the wave will wash over you in real time or in dream time. Don’ t blame yourself for love lost from being too absorbed with own your fiery nature. After all, you are Leo, and you are a Big Self to come home to every day. This time, the New Stranger you meet is actually a better version of the one that got away. Your mind is besotted with love and then stopped short by the memory of how someone rejected you in the past.

You’re in for 6 months of getting beyond habits of regressive behavior in love, and implementing a new vault of self-esteem. Doing things that make you feel good about yourself is the greatest aphrodisiac and pheromone to attract the Beloved. Your professional life is a little circular now; you can improve it by being the naturally benevolent person you are. This period will take agitation with family, or something at home, to a higher place.  Don’t be fooled by phantom pains from the past.


VIRGO has the Full Moon in your house of travel and higher education. You are in love with some new study. You can have acclaim and applause in your career when you also love what you are doing. Make that crossover and correction from hysteria to calm choice. This period makes you more of a magnet for people who want to help or support you. In December you can experience the end of a deep melancholy and limitation from the past few years, in terms of a career or relationship choice.

This period brings money and values front and center.  You have more fiscal ease when you pay attention to what people value and get paid for.  You can integrate that mix of practicality and creativity by taking stock of what you like to do and what you do well. Marry the two extremes. Your health needs purification now, too. Mars will make a lot of energy and money go out after early December. Harmony is stimulated by early December when you have the psychological advantage of insight. Take time to meditate and view all that you have learned and suffered from in the last 3 years. Your beloved becomes either more spiritual or more addicted to sugar. Make sure you are not overdoing fantasy –keep it real.


LIBRA has the dance of the Full Moon in your 8th house. Something comes to a head between you and money, sex, death or taxes. Some unexpected bill or person from the past might pop up. Your ease and social whirl gets better thru November 7 when Venus enters Scorpio. Your hidden, more outre, desirous nature wins out over the more conventional side. You are on the verge of breaking out of a full metal jacket of restriction and self-repression. You are in love with something or someone, and this love connection will be tested after December 9.  Competition or jealousy might come into play. If your love affair is with your job you will become more enamored and intense.

This period has a lot of energy. You can exercise, start new projects and move mountains with Mars in your sign. You must watch out to avoid overdoing or overheating. You can enjoy the fruits of your labors this year, with Jupiter in the 2nd house. This Full Moon aspect helps you break out from the mold of your comfort zone and improve everything, with an eye towards progress. Just be steady and sure in your step.


SCORPIO has the Full Moon in your house of partners. Any past union or love connection will reappear in some form — human, dream or vision. This time reanimates desires around being loved and appreciated. Jupiter makes you feel everything more. You can plant the seeds for the next 12 years of personal growth and healing. Under the Full Moon, you will be aware of how you can detach from what was, and walk with what is. Accept what is, for what it is.

Children and creative projects will offer many helping hands. You can recover from some loss or difficulty when you let go of the holding part of your Scorpio nature. This period brings the beginning of a new source of self-esteem. Your thinking may have recently changed regarding some issue that you blamed or judged someone close for. You are free to travel, or begin a new learning curve. Take advantage of what you are hesitant to commit to; it will bring you relief in time.


SAGITTARIUS has the Full Moon in your house of work and health. This period helps you come to some new awareness around how to augment your health and make the inner-self more comfortable in its own skin. Love and sharing with friends makes a difference. Your losses, aloneness or sadness of the past three years is about to end. You can dive deeper into your psyche now, to understand why it was so hard for you and what was learned. Any new insights come between now and December 19. A child or lover might surprise you and break out of some habitual dependency during the Full Moon.

Your love/social/friendship house goes through changes involving what they support in you. Look for support for your emotional self; a side that you have ignored or repressed. The hurt you feel around being alone or unloved will shortly change. You can go after chemistry, or wait to be moved from within. Your need to travel and move those dancing feet is great. Get ready for your birthday by cleaning out your desk and your psyche, and settle any random debts.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in your house of children and creative projects. Something that you thought would happen took a left turn. It might just come back in another form. Your money house is up and then way down. Why is Capricorn so plagued by the vicissitudes of cash? Venus is whimsical, and can bring a windfall when you least expect it — probably five days before or after the Full Moon. With Uranus and Venus opposed during the Full Moon you will feel some pressure about a house or family and/or career enmeshment but it might surprisingly work out at the last minute.

The partner is up late at night trying to spin something into gold. Let them have their experiment. You are going through a painful, extraordinary and extensive new assignment yourself. The alchemy of the moment is mysterious, harsh and unpredictable. Mars and Venus will make the career blow up, sing and then get stuck. You can hold the reins, when you do it yourself. The erratic aspect of the Full Moon could go either way for you. Your career could have a huge sprint forward. Just face your fear of stalemates, and meditate to move something from within.


AQUARIUS has the Full Moon in your house of the home. Love and travel or big media projects can have an unpredictable turn. You will see something change radically in your decision-making, around an opportunity that materializes out of the blue. Something you thought was gone will return. The love and emotional issue, accompanied by money or the lack of it, can be processed from a different place. You can move on from the stuck place when you confront your sense of loss, shame or guilt head on — and then let it go. Venus and Uranus during the Full Moon point up disenchantment with love and yet still there’s hope.

Mars will make you desire to escape on a pleasure trip, but you must secure your home and family life and renew a commitment.  Your partner is having some hesitation, and you can communicate more directly with them about your feelings. You are going to have a breakaway moment, when it all can come together.


PISCES has the Full Moon in your house of mind. The changeable nature of your mutual finances is challenged by the desire you have for security, love and pleasure. You are at war with yourself about something that only you can solve. Uranus in your money house brings a windfall that can be gone in a New York minute, if you don’t secure it. Your insights and inspiration about how to release energy through love and acceptance can actually help the bank account.

Mars and Venus in your 8th house make for a love connection that can get energy flowing again. You can have a surprise return of openness with intimacy and closeness. Take things as they come and don’t hurry any healing process. This period will bring a new way of thinking and perceiving things that have to do with love, children and performance. Some child will come up with a winning strategy around school or their educational plan. Peace in the heart is golden.

Tanda Tashjian

October 31, 2017

Mini Astrology Newsletter, October 15 – November 1, 2017

And the hits just keep on coming. As Pluto descends into its own underworld, what remains of the tradition of patriarchy and frozen power arrangements are called into question slowly but methodically, on every front.

Bad boy predatory sexual behavior, gamey politics of dominance, and the withholding of help to certain parts of the country blurs the boundaries between us and them stirs up more agitation and frenzy for the next year. Pluto, soon to transit its own South Node, brings more troubles and angst to the country, which will coalesce in some signature event. It will be hard to come back but we will recover.

Saturn leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on December 19th brings a double Saturn effect. In the next two and a half years there could be more privation and lack as money and resources get tighter. Something in government will crack and break. The Humpty Dumpty effect will see things get put back together — but not so well. The Mueller probe marches on. The end of the play is in sight, but seems like forever. It might take more time, as everything is getting more confused and fragmented now. News blows up on the media stage of the internet and then passes as a fever dream.

The downward spiral and division in the country becomes more. Each of us in our own life will face some underworld/unconscious event that could be threatening. Whether it’s what’s happening in the country, what’s happening in your family, or what’s happening in your psyche, you can bet you will have to do some Jedi battle with whatever is dwelling on your threshold that needs to come in and be acknowledged. The astrology at this time intensifies all emotional exchanges.

Expect the unexpected on Thursday October 19th. The New Moon brings a T-square with Pluto and Uranus. Some angry attack from afar could surprise us. The enemy might be a former friend or “colleague”. The attack might be on a technological, verbal or energetic front. Hopefully it will not be violent. The disruption of the next two weeks will be angry and possibly provoked by something or someone in government. This chaos can act as a feint while something else goes down.

As Saturn ends its transit through Sagittarius, the real lessons of the last 2- 3 years manifests. How have we failed or succeeded in the realm of foreign relationships, education, the Courts, truth and freedom for all? Jupiter entered Scorpio on Tuesday, October 10. The current expansion of the market will be dependent on what happens next with government and the world. Pluto will affect Jupiter and the wealth of the country, and the world might lean toward extremes creating more class struggle and domestic terrorism.

The lessons and attitude we have individually with education, travel, foreign relationships, religion and hope might become less hopeful. The element of Jupiter can bring regeneration and transformation.  But first something will end.

Don’t be self-destructive or disloyal with a mate or business partner or anyone. You don’t want to incite bad feelings or reactions now. This is a good time to look at where your investments are and solidify them so that if a showdown or tech freeze occurs you won’t get caught on the downside.

Aries and Libra will feel an emotional or nervous strain around another, or some business thing. You can bet that Cancer and Capricorn will act to stabilize a safe and secure home and foundation. Virgo and Pisces need to compartmentalize work and any internal/secret feelings, as well as do what they can to promote good health on every level. Scorpio and Taurus can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the coffee. Gemini and Sagittarius do the final round up of lessons and losses. Virgo and Pisces navigate a dramatically changed future. Leo and Aquarius endeavor to cement bonds but a cool detachment prevails.

We will all be surprised by something in the next two weeks. What happens could include more weather reversals, a large-scale earthquake, or a government mutiny. The gods and goddesses are still riled up. They will continue to deliver corrections until we start acting better towards each other, and towards the group. This period brings the humanitarian flavor of the country forward, to be confronted by how and why it’s not functioning. Bring that spirit of cooperation into your life now. After all, Libra is about “I and thou” seeing both sides of the same coin. Unity is that simple thing that brings peace.




ARIES has the New Moon directly in opposition to you. Your partners, mates or clients might throw a few curveballs, and you will be taken by surprise. The home and family sector might be impacted by something to do with children or love. Any attempt to control things will bring conflict with some other authority or career person. Travel, or meditation on beginnings and endings, helps to settle your mind.

This period has Mars in your 6th house. Anger or inflammation could create some psychosomatic coupling. The T-square makes for pressure on you to resolve something that impacts you financially or in a key relationship. You can take matters into your own hands when you work with cooperation, not anger. Try to put to rest the inner aloneness that is poking you to overreact and over perform.


TAURUS has the New Moon configuration in your 12/6th house. The lunar upset comes from some work or health thing that could impact a family member or career position. You are jacked up by hidden anger fear or resentment. You might go to great lengths to release the uncomfortable feeling. You can work out or scream into a canyon but your feelings are not be heard by the One that is causing all the trouble.

Jupiter brings some good luck with a partner or mate. They are going through a deep transformation around accepting life and death, or any crisis leftover from childhood and the Unknown. Mars in your romance sector makes for a desire to have fun in order to offset the stress. Whatever person or project you are managing is currently out of control.  Try to use a psychology that centers on peace and love in action, no matter how patient you must be. You can find peace when you are aware of the ways that you undo yourself with compliance.


GEMINI has the New Moon in your house of love. Your surprise event might center on how you create a whirling dervish of denial and complication when you don’t face the music between you and a friend or a child. If this person is acting capriciously one way then another, it can make you crazier to try to understand the changes. Just accept them as they are. Go through some expansion with health and self-care to wash away nervous fatigue.

Your issue with money (and the money that some people need/want/demand from you) comes to peace when you can connect with your genuine feelings, relax and reset. The sign Libra has to do with balance and Venus rules.  Venus now can sweeten any deal you have with another if you can back off of indignance and open your heart to another’s desperate need to be closer to you.


CANCER has the New Moon in your house of the home. Your Mother, or a real estate issue, will have an abrupt ending or surprise in the next two weeks. Your emotional attachment to something familial needs a reset. You can administer to a parent or family member by extending more love to their vulnerability. Heal something that is old by going past the ego parts that must win. Love, pleasure and more unscheduled time might bring consistent creativity.

Mars in the house of mind makes for a perfected way of reaching someone who has been alienated by you. The partner or client is feeling obliterated by a recent development in their work or health. You can help them by being more compassionate with your speech. Extend the olive branch to whoever has offended you from not knowing. They are unaware of how what they are doing is affecting you.


LEO has the New Moon in your house of decisions. You can painfully make a decision about something professional or public and then have a complete turnaround in your head after October 19th. This extreme change could come as a result of a compulsive feeling about love lost or love remembered.  Refrain from blaming yourself for losing that special someone, and do not punish yourself.

You might want to come out of the woodwork and call or email. Reconsider what is motivating you and what you really want. Go for a long drive or a long swim. You need to soak in these unexpressed emotions and avail yourself of an inner-forgiveness that can restore order to your house. Business or love, the same thing applies. Don’t spend a lot of money or time making everything right. Anger will make you bolt; harmony will bring more serenity.  You cannot recapture what is lost, but you can change how you deal with what’s to come and learn to be at peace with what is.


VIRGO has the New Moon in your house of money. Your pocketbook and friendships are going through many changes. First it’s there and then it’s not. A surprise person from the past turns up and brings a solution (or starts more trouble). Your connection with any partner is going through a slowdown. You feel like you are in quicksand or molasses, and nothing changes no matter what you do.

Spiritually, go to the higher part of your inner nature and find more trust. You might have some surprise bills that pop up. The solution lies in working with another to balance your gifts with what you don’t have. Practically approach your problems now, and that will bring the prosperity you feel has disappeared. You are on the verge of a powerful mental change that will brush away the cobwebs of negativity of the past 7/14/21 years. Jupiter can help you heal the recurrent darkness of fear.


LIBRA has the New Moon in your first house. This lunation is upsetting and will imbalance the apple cart. Some recent change that you thought was stable and secure might not be. This New Moon has Uranus opposing and Pluto in square. You cannot control all the elements in the situation, but you can go with the flow of it. It might involve changing a pattern from the past or some news around a past client or friend who is suffering and needs help.

Mars will keep you up at night. Exercise and control the mind from going on a jag. The main theme will unfold over the next two weeks.  Review what you do for money and your career significance in relationship to any group that you depend on. Something or someone might just get up and go. Expand your network so as not to have all the eggs in one basket. Celebrate the Fall and your birthday. Your good-hair day and active social calendar last all month.


SCORPIO has Jupiter with you now. Since October 10 your luck changed. The things that have gone poorly are righting themselves. Your money, health and relationship can improve this year. You are setting the foundation for the next 12 years. Expand from within and be more tolerant, giving and benevolent.  Your Pluto ruler is entering the underground aspect of Capricorn. This helps you depth charge in order to purify any unhappy or obsessive thing that you’ve been saddled with.

Mars will make your friendships a bit spicy. The ups-and-downs of the New Moon on October 19 will be a wild ride with whatever is hidden or not seen. Expect the unexpected from your unconscious. Memory-driven moments of some key person in your life, or a visit from the invisible realm, awaken you to what you’ve been missing. Some being gives you permission to move on and grow in love, in life and in self. You can’t be sure of what you connected with; see if you can find it in your belief system to accept the third hand of fate when it comes.


SAGITTARIUS has the final Saturn exam until the 19th of December. Things about yourself and others that you didn’t see before are falling into place. That blind spot in your relationship with yourself is no longer so blind. You’re seeing someone for who and what they are.  Self confidence is shaky.  Saturn brings you up short in terms of ego or identity or money.  Time and energy are pressured. You start somewhere with some new department in life as a beginner.

The New Moon in your house of friendship and children brings a surprise decision with a child. They might be on an insecure or indecisive path. You romantic inclinations seem chilly and tempered. Money is still a demanding god and you must work hard to keep things moving. Balancing too many plates will make you spin soon. Your take away from this time requires you to sit on a beach and contemplate what the future holds.  Something will end and then something else will start. Piecemeal projects are not adding up just yet but will soon.


CAPRICORN has the New Moon in your house of career with Pluto on top of you. Whichever way you expect something professional to go, it will not — and whatever way you can be surprised, you will be. The Saturn finale in your 12th house is teaching you how not to put energy into your fears. This period manifests what you fear more easily, so watch what you think. Work out your natural negativity and dire sense of the future. It might not go the way that you’re thinking.

Some new or old job might lose steam. There’s a new and better option on the horizon. The next 6 months releases you from the fear of not enough work, toward having too much to do. Your mate or partner is not adding so much. Extend yourself to include helpful friends in your circle. The mate is going through a new ring of purgatory and you cannot save them.  Mars desires a lusty adventure on a faraway island, but not yet. Miles to go.  


AQUARIUS has the New Moon in your house of travel and education. There is a surprise event or change of routine/daily life that will affect any foreign business decisions. Your partnering with another (group, government or corporation) could swoop down and decree changes to your project or any impending business deal.

You must be open to all offers now. Something might go just right, and end up being a saving grace. Your company or business capital is getting eaten up and seems shaky over the long term. Yet in the last minute comes an angel of sorts, with a devilish agenda. See if you can stick with them and cobble together a new arrangement. Personal romance is evasive. You are having the Big Romance with a new lifestyle or career change. Try to mediate between what is internal and what is fantasy. Do some meditation on the heart chakra.


PISCES has the New Moon in your house of big money. There is a surprise event or demand on your cash that might disrupt another plan. Your emotional self wants to have more stillness, and less drama with a child or your love life — yet you are in something with someone now, and can’t bow out. Any resentment around others’ needs can get ratcheted up into a tantrum, if you let it. Don’t overheat or inflame yourself now; allow space for the frailty of whoever you are dealing with. Excuse them, again. And again.

Jupiter is trine your Sun, so you can look on the bright side and see some Sun. Something with a group or business entity might not come through as promised. Any surprise element to this deal makes you nervous. Stick to the well-trodden path, and plan for the rainy day. Your hidden sector brings you face to face with the Unknown in more ways than one. Mortality is on a slow burn in your psyche; don’t overeat or throw too many Twinkies at it to shut it out. You will know the limits of human experience by examining your own limitations. Lighten this heavy load with exercise, dance music, or screwball comedies. Your moods will be up and down, but know that you can bring yourself back from any fearful moment with more faith.

Tanda Tashjian

October 15, 2017